Launch Pad – A Gigantic Collection of Over 350 Tech Sites

January 31, 2010

If you are into computers and information technology, then you need to visit the

What’s On My PC
Launch Pad
Click the “Launch Pad” to
see  my collection of links
to over 350
Tech Sites and Blogs

The Launch Pad is a growing collection of links to over 350 tech sites and blogs.  I have been collecting Tech site links ever since I started blogging. If you do not see your tech site or blog on the  Launch Pad, please let me know and I will be glad to add it.

The most recent additions to the Launch Pad are:

Gadget Planet
Mark’s Blog
Soft Sailor
Computer Repair Help
Infrequent Geek
Canadian Tech Blogger
Instant Fundas
Chicago Mac/PC Support
Beep The Geek
Million Clues
Otak Komputer
My Tech Quest
The Windows Club
Windows 7 Forums
Within Windows
The Windows 7 Blog
Ask Dave Taylor!
Geeks to Go!
Technically Inspired
Google Tutor
AccessTech News
Computer Tips and Tricks
The Unofficial Web Application List


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Computer Shopper – Blogs We Like

December 26, 2009

As many of you have known, I recently have been in process of moving from one residence to another.  As a result, I had to stop blogging for a short period of time, in order to make this transition.  To let you all know, the transition has went quite well, my back has held up AND most importantly my computer system is back up and purring along.  We still have to complete some final touches; but, we are almost there and very happy with everything.  I can tell this move was meant to be and hopefully will be my last! I am looking forward to my return to the blog and posting on a regular basis; and, most importantly reading the articles posted by the authors that are a part of the What’s On My PC blogroll.

image Much to my surprise when I returned to my blog, on Christmas day, I was contacted by the editor in chief of the Computer Shopper and learned that What’s On My PC… had been singled out, along with (5)-five other tech blogs (see below), as a “Blog We Like” for the month of December! Wow, what a great Christmas present and incentive to keep blogging.  You can see the full review [ here ].


The Computer Shopper has been around for years (established in 1980) and is recognized nationally (and worldwide) for their advice and consumer reviews of computer and technology products.  I have always been a long time advocate of the Computer Shopper and use it on a regular basis for buying advice and most importantly to keep on top of what is new in the world of computers and technology.  To the editor in chief of Computer Shopper, I personally Thank You…


The (5)-five other tech blogs featured in the December’s roundup of the Computer Shoppers – Blogs We Like were:

Tune Up Blog


Tech-for Everyone

Ask Leo

Ask Dave Taylor


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GUEST POST: Starting a Blog the Right Way

November 23, 2009

Guest Post by Poch Peralta

I encourage you to visit Poch Peralta’s blog, Plato On-Line, to get the scoop on just about anything…  Poch is a regular visitor here at What’s On My PC and recently featured one of my articles on Plato On-Line.  As a courtesy, today I am posting one of Poch’s articles about “Starting a Blog the Right Way”, which was recently featured on the site Million Clues.

Starting a Blog the Right Way

During my first 6 months of blogging, I made a lot of mistakes which is just normal in my humble opinion. Just learning from them made me grateful. And I was lucky I didn’t make the really big ones! (user name, theme). So here is what I learned and my suggestions.

The Right Kick-off

1. Finding the best blog platform or host

Before I found my current host, I left three from which I didn’t get a single comment! So do a research first. Decide if you want a ‘monetized’ or an advertisement-free blog. Some hosts allow monetizing, some don’t. So if you choose to self-host your blog, then it’s better to monetize it to cover your expenses.

2. Choosing your user name (or domain name) carefully.

Some blog platforms do not allow their users to change that so you might be stuck with what you choose. And changing a username is like changing a BRAND name –you’ll probably lose some of your followers who don’t want the change. I suggest you choose one as if it’s a website name because you wouldn’t know if your weblog might someday be a big website. A name which can be ‘verbalized’ is best. See how websurfers turned the proper noun Google into a verb? (It’s just bad that my own would sound bad if verbalized – pochpeed).

3. Choosing your blog Theme

There are specific themes designed for your niche or speciality.

4. Choose your niche carefully

This was my first mistake. At first, I started writing just about everything that floats my boat. Then I learned that you could monetize your blog at least to cover your writing expenses, time and effort. Some professional bloggers even teach that you shouldn’t spend on your blog or site until you’re earning from it. So decide if you want a monetized blog or not –then decide what your blog will be specifically about. Will it be about Technology, Science, Business, etc?

5. Continue search for better blog platforms

Most probably, your first blog host will not be the best.

6. Practice Ethics of blogging/networking

This is the continuing and maybe, the hard part. How do we make sure we’re blogging politically correct?

a. Your content

We have freedom of speech so it’s really up to you what you write even if it’s offensive; which of course I practice but don’t endorse. But if you will write a rant or offensive piece, target specifically so the innocents wouldn’t think they are part of it. You wouldn’t want your followers to think they are part of your target. If you’re after popularity or sales, then you wouldn’t want to offend everyone so be careful what you write.

One way to make sure your piece isn’t offending: have a kind-hearted person or editor read your article then ask if it’s reader-friendly.

b. Your comments

Now this is where most bloggers offend each other the most. I myself have offended through comments without intending to although one or two I admit were careless though innocent; and that is why I’m reluctant to write about this – it would smell hypocrisy. We just really can’t be sure how our words will be interpreted. And that is the reason why we should be extremely careful. Tips:

  1. Never make or reply to an offensive comment when you’re still angry. Most of the time, we will find that it’s not really worth our anger as time passes. What I do is ignore offensive comments if I want someone to stop sending it. You bet it works. We will even sometimes find we can learn something from the offensive comment. The offensive commenter might even become your fan if you befriend the person!
  2. If you think you have made an offensive comment, follow-up at once and apologize before you get a reply. The more time passes, the more damage the comment will do because it spreads.

c. Spamming

This not only apply only to commenting but also to e-mail marketing.  The rule is DON’T SPAM. What do you think your reader will do when the reader learns you spammed him/her? Of course the reader will spread the news which would brand you as a user of your fellowman. I suggest you use a blog host or platform that uses Akismet.

Now there are human spam comments that you really need to spam. Human spam comments are innocent and not dangerous right?


It can be an attempt to steal hits, comments, or hijack your weblog altogether which I have experienced. If comments are not related to the post, it is spam especially if it asks you to click a link. So check the link first before clicking.

A good way to block spam comments manually is this:

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and follow Settings –> Discussion. In the comment blacklist, enter words like porno, gambling, and whatever words, IP’s, and e-mail addresses you think should be banned. Be extra careful who you spam or blacklist!


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Links to Over 300 Computer Tech Blogs in One Place

October 17, 2009

I thoroughly enjoy visiting, reading, collecting and supporting the tech blogs that are out there on the internet. Locating tech blogs can be a cumbersome task; especially since there are so many. There are an endless number of private tech blogs out there that we never see and end up missing out on some really excellent material. As a matter of fact, if you are someone that is in the ever changing world of IT and computers, I encourage you to go fishing for blogs to keep in line with the pace.

If you are someone that enjoys reading and learning about information technology I can save you a whole lot of work.  I have spent the past year collecting tech blogs.

Located on the right side of the blog you will see the
“What’s On My PC – Launch Pad” .

image The Launch Pad is your launching point to over 300 tech blogs (319 to be exact and the list continues to grow). The Launch Pad is nothing pretty; but it loads fast; AND, is smart phone and browser friendly.

Recently I added to the Launch Pad another 61 more blogs (or tech sites).  The new additions are are reflected below.

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Freeware Mission
Everything USB
dotTech [.org]
Download Tube
Ramesh’s Site
TMS Network Blog
Software & News
Tom’s Hardware
Windows 7 Hacker
Tech Bucket

Windows 7 News & Tips
Technology Is Fun
Tech Zoom In
Freeware Home
Geek or Unique
Murtaza’s Technoblog
File Guru
I Love Free Software
Tech Airlines
Digital Buzz Blog
Quick Online Tips
Computer Articles
Steal Ideas
Tweaking Windows
Extreme Trix
Ask A Tech Teacher
The Kim Komando Show
IT Mamak
Freeware Pharmacy
One Tip A Day
Ask Bob Rankin
Online Tech Tips
Barry’s Best Computer Tips
Daily Bits
New Your Computer Help Blog


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New Tech Sites Added to Launch Pad

July 10, 2009

The following sites have been added to the “Launch Pad” on the sidebar of the blog.  I encourage you to visit (click on) the “Launch Pad” to preview my collection of links to over 200 of the top tech blogs and sites on the internet.






Geeks Are Sexy

Ars Technica

Best Freeware Blog

Chrome Story


Daddy, Fix it!

Into Windows


Security Software Review

Software Listings



Tech-Know Kishan



Computer Hope



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Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#12)

May 27, 2009

Geek Squeaks'

Geek Squeaks are articles, from the past week, that I have found especially enticing and interesting from the bloggers that are on the “What’s On My PC…” blogroll. I think you will find that the subject matter and content is on a level comparable to commercial publications. Furthermore, I encourage you to bookmark each of these sites to learn more about information technology.

Top 10 Free Tools to Boost Your PC – Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts

Find High Res Icons with Icon Finder – Teck-Line

Video Tutorial — How To Dual Boot Win7 – Tech-for Everyone

All In One Video Software – The Only Software You Need For Your Videos –

Paragon Total Defrag 2009 Special Edition – Free – TTC Shelbyville

Google Tools and Your Blog / Website – Tux in the Midwest

New Gmail Feature: Google Translate Integration – AllThatsNew

How to Remove System Alert by Fast Antivirus 2009 –

Overheating Prompts Acer Desktop Recall – AskBillFirst

Free SUPERAntiSpyware Pro Giveaway – Evilfantasy’s Blog

Guidelines For Solving PC Application Errors – Free PC Security

Opera Mini Speed Demo On Touch Pro With Windows Mobile 6.5 – Is You GEEKed Up

Windows Memory Diagnostic – Great Free Software Utilities

Turn Your Spare Thumb Drives Into Feature-Packed Giveaway Drives – Lifehacker

Chrome comes with better performance after 300 bugs fix – Piyadas World

Backstreet Browser – Plato on-line

Fixing Windows XP shutdown problems –

Make sure you pick a reputable security product – Spyware Biz

Trouble uninstalling AntiVirus – Sugarloaf Tech

Be sure to visit the “Launch Pad” at the sidebar of the blog. The “Launch Pad” is your launching point to over 150 top quality tech blogs and sites.


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Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#11)

May 20, 2009

Geek Squeaks’ is a weekly lineup of articles written by the people (often referred to as “Geeks”) that are on my blogroll.  Listed below are my favorites from the past week.  You will not find a better selection of content than what is provided by these authors.

I encourage that you visit these blogs on a daily basis to learn more about the world of Information Technology.

Geek Squeaks'We Are Geeks – Is You GEEKED UP

Install Windows 7 on Almost Any Netbook – Lifehacker

FireShot – powerful free screen capturing and editing tool for blogger – Piyada’s World

ThreatFire Security Monitor – Free – Free PC Security

Pricelessware – annual list of best freeware –

Device Remover – Device Manager – EvilFantasy’s Blog

Panda USB Vaccine : Block Viruses Spreading Through USB Drives – SnakeBytez

ID Theft in the workplace, great article! – Spyware Biz

Freeware Archiving Programs – Confessions of a Freeware Junkie

Online Malware Scanners – An Extra Layer of Protection – Bill Mullins’ Weblog Tech Thoughts

Amazing Technology – Hubble Space Telescope – AskBillFirst

Video Tutorial — How To Dual Boot Win7 – Tech-for Everyone

How to Remove Secure Antivirus Pro –

(New Addition)Easily Overclock Your System Including RAM, AGP And CPU –

Wolfram Alpha: The Search Engine For Weather Geeks? – AllThatsNew

(New Addition)Promote Your Blog Articles With Tumblr – Teck-Line

Find Any Microsoft Error Code – TTC Shelbyville

If you enjoy visiting tech blogs, freeware and open source sites, I encourage you to visit (click on) the “Launch Pad” icon on the sidebar of the blog.  The “Launch Pad” features over 150 links to some great tech sites.  Thank you!


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