Save Webpages To Google

Google recently came out with a Google Chrome Extension called Google Save that gives you another way to bookmark webpages and images (similar to Pocket). I have been playing around with Google Save for approximately a month now and I am already seeing some improvements.  After you install the extension you will see a star... Continue Reading →

GEEK SQUEAKS’ (#65) – A Wireless Hard Drive, Opera Browser, Ask A Tech Teacher, New Coupon Site, and Bing’s Magical Calendar

Seagate's Mobile Wireless Hard Drive —————————————————– Opera for Windows —————————————————– Tech Tip #96: Open a Program Maximized @ Ask A Tech Teacher —————————————————– Our Own Start-Up: New Coupon Site Pluxie! @ Websites, Internet, Software Tips And Reviews —————————————————– Bing unveils Magical Holiday Calendar @ AKSGeek Live —————————————————– [CLICK HERE] Computers & Accessories Index Over 600... Continue Reading →

Aurora Firefox 7 Promises Speed

Guest Article By: Christoph Laumann, President and Managing Partner, TuneUp Mozilla recently pre-released Firefox 7, also known as Aurora, which promises massive performance enhancements for Javascript and significantly lower memory usage. Over the past few years, Mozilla had gained a reputation as a somewhat slow browser, but that’s about to change with Aurora. This version... Continue Reading →

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