A FREE Basic Calculator (that can be accessed via the web or as a browser extension)

I love this calculator for its’ simplicity and that it is right at hand, as a browser extension. You can also access this calculator via the source link below and to learn more on how to install the calculator as a browser extension.

A simple calculator for basic arithmetic. This is a free tool available as an offline-enabled web/mobile application, Chrome extension, Firefox Add-on, and Microsoft Edge Extension.

Source: Basic Arithmetic Calculator

What is up with the huge Calculator in Windows 10, Microsoft? | gHacks Tech News

Those who use the Calculator regularly may have been shocked by the giant size of the Calculator in the new version of Windows 10. The calculator takes up most of the screen when launched initially. The screenshot below shows it right after launch on a 1920×1080 monitor on a PC running Windows 10 version 1809.

giant calculator windows 10

Source: What is up with the huge Calculator in Windows 10, Microsoft? – gHacks Tech News

GEEK SQUEAKS – Two Must See and Must Get Quickies For Today

[SPECIAL PROMOTION] Special Offer by True Image Backup Products – GEGeek contacted me about a promotion that Acronis is running, for World Backup Day; where, if you purchase any Acronis True Image backup product, between now and April 1st, they will throw in 250GBs of Cloud Backup for FREE! If you are a geekster, then you know what Acronis is all about and that is is a great offer. Not only are you getting a reputable imaging and backup product; you are getting a hard drive in the sky… @Acronis

[AMAZON APP OF THE DAY] NeoCal Advanced – The past couple of days Amazon has been on a good run with their giveaway (paid) Android apps. Each day Amazon posts and Android app to giveaway.  Some days are better than others. Today, worthy of a geek squeak, Amazon posted, for FREE, the Android App NeoCal Advanced ($9.99 value) which is an advanced calcuator ( with advanced scientific, financial, statistical, date and time, programmer, and conversion functions)… @Amazon (today only)


Learn a byte at a time with Geek Squeaks’ — featuring a round-up of tech products, news, software, apps, wallpapers, articles, you name it… I just plain love tech!

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Using Google Search As A Calculator

There are many instances what I write about here on the blog is from personal experience. Today, at my retirement job, we had to complete a purchase order in quick fashion and I needed to perform some math calculations to determine costs. Instead of pulling out a calculator I pulled up the Google Search box and started typing in the calculations (in plain English).  Once I entered what I needed to be calculated, Google performed the calculation for me and also sent me to an online calculator in the event I needed to perform additional calculations.

Google Search Calculations

I also found that you can perform math calculations using Microsoft’s search engine, called Bing, as well; however, minus the online calculator.


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Cloud Chivalry – The Mobile March

Liquid E2 Smartphone Unveiled by Acer

Tech Reference Cards

WR300N Wireless Range Extender and Repeater Will Increase The Range Of Your Existing Wireless Coverage


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A Portable Math Tool That Includes Many Calculators And Converters

Today’s post is not a lengthy one, due it explains itself. What I am talking about is a small portable math tool, that includes many calculators and converters, called Calculatormatik .  Simply download, run and calculate away!

Calculate/Convert everything with Calculatormatik.  Nothing fancy, but does what it is suppose to…  Definitely a keeper!


Adsense Code Converter for Blogger

Angle Converter

Area Calculator

Area Converter

Arithmetic Progression Calculator

Astronomical Time Converter

Auto Loan Calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Base64 to String

Bass Fishing Boat Speed Calculator

Binary to Number

Birthday Calculator

Body Mass Index Calculator

Body Surface Area Calculator

Byte Converter

Calculator (Windows)

Character Number Calculator

Combination & Permutation Calculator

Compound Interest Calculator

Coordinate Draw

Creatinine Calculator

Date Calculator

Depreciation Calculator

Divisibility Calculator

Division Operation

DLL-OCX Registration

Earth Year on Other Planets

Electric Current Converter

Electrical Calculators

Electricity Consumption Calculator

Energy-Power Converter

Equation Solver

Factorial Calculator

Fibonacci Calculator

Financial Lease Calculator

Fraction Calculator

Fraction Equation Solver

Fuel Consumption Calculator

Geometric Progression Calculator

Greatest Common Factor Calculator

Growth Rate Calculator

Heat Index Calculator

Hex to ASCII

Hexadecimal to Decimal

Hijri to Gregorian

Hypotenuse Calculator

Least Common Multiple Calculator

LED Resistor Calculator

Length Converter

Map Scale Calculator

Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

MD5 Hash Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Multiplication Table

Natural Gas Consumption Calculator

nth Root Calculator

Numbers Converter

Numbers to Roman

Numbers to String

Ohm’s Law Calculator

Painting Calculator

Pascal’s Triangle Calculator

Percentage % Calculator

Perimeter Calculator

Prefix Converter

Pressure Converter

Prime Factor Calculator

Prime, Non-Prime Numbers

Product of Numbers N to N

Profit Calculator

Proportion Calculator

Quadratic Equation Solver

Random Lottery Numbers Generator

Random Password Generator

Relative Atomic Mass Calculator

Resistor Color Code Calculator

Restaurant Bill Calculator

Reverse the String

RGB to Hexadecimal

Seconds to Minutes to Hours

SHA256 Hash Calculator

Simple Interest Calculator

Simplifying Fractions Calculator

Simultaneous Equation Solver


Speed Converter

Square Root, Cube Root Calculator

Stair Calculator


Sum of Numbers N to N

Sum or Difference of Cubes

Temperature Converter

Voltage Converter

Volume Calculator

Volume Converter

Water Consumption Calculator

Weight Converter

Weight on Other Planets

Wind Chill Index Calculator

Zodiac Calculator


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Sony DSC-RX100

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A Friday Freebie: Five Star Rated Calculator For Google Chrome

If you are a regular here, then you know I especially like software made clocks, weather apps and calculators. Several months back, while recently exploring the Google Chrome Web Store, I happened across a really nice looking, functional and handy calculator that is an extension to the Google Chrome browser.


It is currently carrying a Five Star rating at the Google Chrome Store and you can get it [HERE] .


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Governments using Spyare, but for What?

See cyber attacks as they happen

Five Reasons Why Spring Cleaning is Critical for Every PC

The Guardian 921RB is the Perfect Chassis To Show Off Your Gaming Chassis


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