A Very Nice Hidden Speed Dial Application To Launch Your Favorite Bookmarks

I not sure how I even happened onto this, but if you go to “www.topsites.me” you can sign up for FREE  (very nice) speed dial utility that will allow you to add your favorite bookmarks. Below is the speed dial I created with various categories, as a sample.


After finding this hidden speed dial (not really promoted anywhere), I did some further research. This speed dial utility is managed by Nimbus Web Inc. who are the developers of Nimbus Note, Nimbus Clipper, and Nimbus Capture. They also are the developers of a very popular speed dial utility, similar to what I found, but is actually a browser extension called FVD Speed Dial. After digging further, Nimbus also has a sync utility that sync’s the speed dial (called Eversync Everhelper) that if installed allows you to manage your speed dial pages and back them up. I also found that the same sync utility works with the browser extension (FVD Speed Dial) as well, which leads me to believe (have not tested) that I could sync the speed dial I created to the one associated with the browser extension. Now that this is all clear as mud, I have been experimenting with the speed dial I created at “www.topsites.me” and have found it so far, after about a month’s usage to be very reliable.  I also installed the Everysync Everhelper client that allows me to manage the tiles and perform backups. Also, you can add your own background images to the speed dial and in my case, I am using a Weather Channel static map image that routinely changes with updated weather.

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The Best FREE Note Keeping App Out There…

For simple note keeping, I suggest you take a look at “Simplenote“… I have installed, uninstalled, reinstalled this application so many times that I cannot keep count; BUT, here I am back to it again. In reality, if you are tired of all the bells and whistles and want something that is “simple” (as the name implies) and is dog fast in terms of load time and searches, this is the note-keeping application to go with. It is a text-based application; but, you can use (learn) the very simple markdown language to make elements of a note standout. Simplenote has been around for years and is now being developed by “Automattic”, the developers of WordPress…

Simplenote is a cross-platform application that is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows,  Linux and on the WEB…

Source: Simplenote

A “Super-Easy” Way To Get To Some Music “SuperFast”

I have found “Internet Radio” to be a super-easy way to get to some music super fast. If you perform a search on the site, you may even find some of your local stations. Once you find a radio station, look for the popout feature that allows you to popout the station in a separate smaller window that can then be minimized, etc… This allows you to work on other things, without distraction, while listening to your music. It appears you can even launch your own radio station at “Internet Radio”…

Listen to music from thousands of internet radio stations streaming live right now. Search or browse all your favourite music genres.

Source: Internet Radio: Music from Thousands of Stations

A fresher, less annoying interface to YouTube

This one has been around for at least 7 years… It is called Toogl.es. What you will find is a very stripped down interface that allows you to search for and watch YouTube videos. Toogl.es is great for those home TV setups. The search function is awesome in this application and once you search a topic you can sort the result by relevance, upload date, view count, or rating. Only issue I noticed, which is not a big deal, is that some of the trending categories, when clicked on, do not produce a result.


Source: Toogl.es

Word Game by BetaFactory to Test and Improve your English Vocabulary | I Love Free Software

Word Game is a fun vocabulary game developed by the BetaFactory to test and improve your English language vocabulary. Word game enthusiasts love playing different kinds of word games. This game is another addition to that list. The game interface is quite easy. The website does ask you to create an account and login so the progress you make can be saved.


Source: Word Game by BetaFactory to Test and Improve your English Vocabulary

Today at “What’s On My PC” – “TuneIn” Your Christmas Music

December 2, 2019

Today’s Thoughts From Rick – “TuneIn” Your Christmas Music

To help me get into the Christmas spirit, I go to “TuneIn” to get my music; especially, when working from my computer or taking a drive in my car. To get you started using TuneIn, I recommend that you establish an account. After you do that you can save the stations or podcasts that you like under favorites. You can also find many of your local radio stations as well.

TuneIn In is an American audio streaming service delivering live news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts to over 60 million monthly active users.  As of 2019, TuneIn has more than 75 million monthly active users.

Today’s Tech News Briefs:

A team of international scientists spotted a stellar black hole three-and-a-half times greater than anyone thought possible; The US is reportedly considering new measures that would further restrict Huawei’s ability to procure US technologies; AND, Facebook is releasing a new tool today that will allow its users to transfer photos directly to Google Photos. The tool is being released initially in Ireland, and will be available worldwide in the first half of 2020.

Today’s Software Pick:

Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool – This recently updated tool allows an easy and comfortable way to download genuine Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 disk images (ISO) directly from Microsoft’s servers, as well as Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019, Expression Studio and Office for Mac.

Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool v8.24 screenshot 1 / 1

Today’s Android Pick:

Compass Galaxy – This is a FREE functional and simple compass application without unnecessary permissions.

Screenshot Image

Today’s “How To” Pick:

How to run older programs in Windows 10 using compatibility settings – The “Program Compatibility Troubleshooter” wizard is a built-in tool that helps you apply compatibility settings to older software that doesn’t work as it should on your Windows 10 computer. One way to open it is by typing “run programs” in the taskbar’s search field, and then clicking or tapping on “Run programs made for previous versions of Windows.”… Continue Reading @ Digital Citizen

Access Run programs made for previous versions of Windows

Today’s Amazon Deal (don’t know how long this deal will last):

This premium level Chromebook is $100 cheaper for Cyber Monday

Asus Chromebook Flip C434 2 In 1 Laptop

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Using A Dedicated Gmail Account for Note-Keeping

I have been exploring the various note keeping applications (Google KeepZoho NotebookSimplenote, and Standard Notes ) and thought I had settled on Microsoft OneNote; then, the light bulb went off. Back in August 2019, I had posted an article I had composed titled, “Quick Tip: How To Turn A Gmail Account Into A Powerful Note-Taking And Note-Keeping App“. Folks, what I posted in that article about using a separate Gmail account (from your normal email account) as a note-keeping and note-taking app really does work.

The key is: Use this separate account for note and document storage only; not for email. The most important thing in doing this is to use the tagging feature in Gmail to categorize your notes (see screenshot below). You can let your imagination fly by using all the powerful features associated with Gmail (especially the search function). In the end, I created a cross-platform note-keeping and note-taking app that works hand in hand with all the Google services, on all device platforms, with 15GB of storage; ALL, for FREE.  I even prettied up my creation with a theme (that is an option that is built into the Gmail platform). The real beauty is that I can send anything to this Gmail note-keeping account from my phone, my browser and from my main email; then, organize the content accordingly.

Screenshot of my
Gmail Note-Keeping App

Source: This article is an excerpt from Today at What’s On My PC – November 18, 2019

Share Large Files Securely With Firefox Send

Whether you’re sending sensitive financial documents or a home video with friends, your files should be protected. That’s where Firefox Send comes in. With Firefox Send, you can:

  • Share large files online with an encrypted link that “self-destructs”
  • Set the number of times your file can be downloaded
  • Choose when you’d like your link to expire
  • And when you’re logged in, you can send up to 2.5GB

Source: Firefox Send

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