Kaspersky’s Antivirus For FREE Soon Rolling Out

I have known Kaspersky's Antivirus to be one of the best when it comes to computer security (however, at a price -- not FREE). Soon you will be able to get a baseline version of Kaspersky's Antivirus for FREE. This new development by Kaspersky's (according to ZDNet) is apparently in light of the U.S. Government removing Kaspersky Lab from... Continue Reading →

Many of the warning phrases you probably heard from your parents and teachers are also applicable to using computers and the Internet….

I am reblogging this information from US-CERT Security Tip (ST05-014) - Real-World Warnings Keep You Safe Online Why are these warnings important? Like the real world, technology and the Internet present dangers as well as benefits. Equipment fails, attackers may target you, and mistakes and poor judgment happen. Just as you take precautions to protect yourself in... Continue Reading →

AxCrypt – File Security Made Easy

If you are concerned about file (and folder) security, AxCrypt 2.0 is good choice in protecting what matters to you. In addition to the full install version, there is a portable version, as well as, a mobile app (for Android and iOS). AxCrypt works as a separate program in it’s own window, but it’s also... Continue Reading →

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