Engadget reporting that Firefox has a new side-by-side tab feature for multitaskers

Firefox is (has always been) a great web browser. This new side-by-side view feature is a great feature for power users…

Firefox is jazzing things up with a couple of new test features that should embolden multitaskers and those who like to tinker with aesthetics. Side View lets you view a pair of tabs side-by-side without needing to open a new browser window.

Source: Firefox has a new side-by-side tab feature for multitaskers

Best Sellers – Software

Here are the “Best Sellers” of software at Amazon right now…


Monitor the Operating Status of Your PC from the Desktop

Here is a no frills (no install) status monitor, called Desktop Info, that is useful if you are into monitoring the operating status of your PC (e.g. cpu usage, low disk space, network connectivity, memory usage, etc…). The status of your PC can be displayed on your desktop with little or no memory or cpu usage. For example, below is a screenshot from the desktop of my PC with Desktop Info running. When running, Desktop Info displays real-time information about the operation of your PC on your desktop with a transparent background. This app could be most useful if you are running numerous PCs (or server farm) to visually identify the operating status of your equipment.

Desktop Info

Once Desktop Info is running on your PC and displayed on the desktop, you can close it by right mouse clicking anywhere on top of the display info and by selecting quit on the menu. There are numerous options available to modify the output of information displayed by modifying the “ini” file that is in the same directory (or folder) as the application. I encourage you to read the read.me file that is included to learn all that you can do with this little app.


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CintaNotes – A free (and portable), lightweight and user-friendly personal notes manager

CintaNotesIf you are someone who has a pile of notes lying around and find yourself losing control of what’s what, then take a look at this small software application called “CintaNotes”.

CintaNotes will be your essential assistant in the daily task of collecting numerous pieces of information, like your own thoughts and ideas, article excerpts, blog postings, famous people quotes, research data, curious facts, Wikipedia entries, you name it. – CintaNotes

I have always been an advocate of the various software versions of post-it notes; however, the power of CintaNotes is the ability to maintain all of your notes in one container.  You may ask, “How can I find my notes if they are congregated all together (especially if I have numerous notes)?


Retrieving information is also trivial: just open CintaNotes and start typing, and only notes containing the typed phrase will remain in the list. More sophisticated search criteria are supported, like searching by title or by URL the note was taken from. – CintaNotes

CintaNotes is in beta. A full install version and a portable version is available.  From browsing their forum, it appears the development of CintaNotes will be ongoing with features being added on a regular basis.

A nice addition to my flash drive.  Thank you CintaNotes!


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