Backup Your Gmail With MailStore Home

Here is a good Windows software option, called MailStore Home, that you can use to download and backup your Gmail. I can also see using this to archive a Gmail account that is getting full.   MailStore Home is a free email archiving and email backup software for personal use. With MailStore Home you can... Continue Reading →

Email – Less Is More

Was reading the USA Today tech article about 8 things you're still doing wrong with email and there was "one of the eight" that really jumped out at me. That "one" being;  When composing an email "Less Is More" -- meaning: K. I. S. S. -- Keep it simple, stupid. Email is not the place to write... Continue Reading →

A Must Have Cleaner App For Android Users

404 Tech Support, a member of the What’s On My PC blogroll, posted an article CCleaner-like app for Android that caught my attention; BUT, the real attention grabber in the article was one of the apps he recommended, called Clean Master. I downloaded Clean Master and installed it on my Android smartphone (Sony Xperia X10) and installed... Continue Reading →

Upgrade Your Hotmail To

If you are a Microsoft Office user, I am sure you have heard of Microsoft Outlook.  Well today I learned that Microsoft has launched a preview of their new webmail service called  As a matter of fact if you have a Hotmail account you can get started using today. If you're a Hotmail customer... Continue Reading →

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