NEW – Symbaloo for Android

I am going to venture to say, that the most used application on my computer is Symbaloo. Symbaloo is a speed dial type of web application that gives you the ability to create a personalized "one click" portal to your online favorites. I would be lost without it… Symbaloo is a personal startpage that allows... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks4Techs – An Ongoing Experiment

If you haven’t visited Bookmarks4Techs lately, then you are missing out on a growing list of tech sites. As of the date of this posting, the site is currently listing 464 bookmarked links to computer and information technology sites across the internet. You can literally spend hours hitting these sites. Also posted are RSS feeds... Continue Reading →

Time Magazines’ 50 Best Websites of 2010

As we continue to move more toward cloud computing here is a sampling of some of the best websites of 2010, as selected by Time Magazine (in Partnership with CNN).  A “What’s On My PC…” Web Clip! -------------------------------------------------------------------- The Best in the Online World August 25,2010 From the helpful to the distracting, the big hitters... Continue Reading →

Largest Repository of Tech Sites on the Internet

Most of the readers and visitors to the blog have seen me posting site updates to my sister web site, Bookmarks4Techs is the largest repository of listed tech sites currently available on the internet. If you have the desire to learn about computers and information technology, then Bookmarks4Techs is your place to start! The... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks4Techs – Site Update #15

Bookmarked Sites:  431 Total [ CLICK HERE ] New Site Added: door2windows This website is designed and developed with an objective to provide a platform where everything related to Microsoft Windows such as softwares, trouble shooting, tips & tricks, forum, etc. can be found in one place. Recent Article: How To Display Anything (Your Name... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks4Techs: Site Update #13

Be sure to visit my NEW sister site; Bookmarks4Techs. The site features frequent updates that include links to FREE software, new tech sites, featured sites, and even an option to get really good deals on tech products (or anything) directly through The goal of the site is to grab every tech site out there... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks4Techs: Site Update #6

If you have been following the blog, you may have noticed (and read) about Bookmarks4Techs. Bookmarks4Techs is a new geek web project that I am currently playing around with. It is sort of in the experimental and tweaking mode; therefore you will see frequent changes occurring. In addition to 422 total bookmarked geek sites, I... Continue Reading →

NEW Google Chrome Extension called START

UPDATE: The Chrome Extension, called Fabulous New Tab, is now called Start.  The developer, as a result of the evolution of this extension, opted to change the name.  It is an awesome extension.  Be sure to check it out [ HERE ] . Recently I posted a review about the Google Chrome extension called Bookmarks... Continue Reading →

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