Windows Double Explorer for Windows 7

I could never figure out why Microsoft never offered a dual paned or tabbed view interface option in Windows Explorer. Managing your files and folders in those types of interfaces are so much easier to use; especially if you are a power user. There are numerous third party options available; however, none really mimic the... Continue Reading →

A File Backup Program Inspired by Star Trek

One of the fictional Star Trek innovations, back in the ‘60’s, was a machine called a Replicator that was capable of creating (and replicating) objects. In 2002, approximately 36 years after the show debuted, Karen Kenworthy developed Karen’s Replicator, that was inspired by the original Replicator that was featured on Star Trek. Who is Karen... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#35)

Each week What’s On My PC features links to articles (posted within the past 7 days) from the tech blogs that are on the What’s On My PC blogroll (at the sidebar of the blog).  If you are new or old to information technology and computers, these blogs are awesome resources for keeping in tune.... Continue Reading →

Manage your files and folders with Q-Dir…

The ability to understand and manage your files and folders on your computer is something that everyone should learn to do. It not only makes you more computer literate; it gives you the confidence in knowing just what files you are saving and where. Microsoft, in its’ infinite wisdom, actually takes into account that most... Continue Reading →

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