MediaFire App Now Available For Android

MediaFire is an online file storage and sharing service that most computer users at home are not familiar with. With MediaFire you are given 50GB’s of space (for FREE) with a 200 MB file upload size limit. Compared to the other online storage services (which typically offer much less FREE storage space), MediaFire is very... Continue Reading →

Google Docs or Microsoft Web Apps?

Steve at Scoroncocolo has written a very good article on the comparisons between Google Docs and Microsoft Web Apps. As a matter of fact his article is perfect timing. I personally have been intensely exploring and using Google Docs. Both of these online applications offer you the ability to create documents online inside your web... Continue Reading →

Yet Another FREE Online Storage Solution

Just recently I posted an article [HERE] about online storage which featured the likes of LiveMesh (5 GB), SkyDrive (25 GB), Gmail account (7GB) with a software client called Backup To Email; AND others recommended Dropbox (2 GB) and ADrive (50 GB).  Total of all of this is: 89 GB Following the posting of that... Continue Reading →

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