A Craigslist Scam Hits Home

When it comes to selling (or buying) on Craigslist, I am personally finding that it is an environment where scams are very common; however, using some common sense to sidestep these scams will keep you out of the midst of a troubling situation. Recently a friend of mine posted a high valued item on Craigslist... Continue Reading →

An Example of a Fraudulent Email

It never ceases to amaze me the degree that the cybercriminal will go to… This post appears rather lengthy; however, the content reflected is an actual email I received (in my Gmail) from the FBI; the Director himself.  Wow! Remember the recent article about “Common Sense – You Cannot Install This”? Here is a prime... Continue Reading →

The Psychology of Email Scams…

Recently I posted a topic "Tis the season to be email scammed.." and someone asked me, "How does someone fall for something that is so obvious?". I thought about this awhile and concluded that there are certain psychological elements or behavioral characteristics that are within us all that the cybercriminal focuses upon when crafting the... Continue Reading →

Are you a victim of “CRAMMING”?

This post is to provide you with an update to a recent article that was posted on the blog called: "Beware! Telephone Bill Ripoff..." I strongly encourage everyone to read that article [click here] and take necessary action to block any miscellaneous charges being added to your phone bill. A third party company can take... Continue Reading →

Beware! Telephone Bill Rip-Off…

Did you know? A third party company can take basic identity information that is is easily obtainable on the internet and subscribe you to a “tele” service without your consent and tack a monthly charge to your phone bill under “Miscellaneous Charges”. Beware, this may be happening to you… Today my accountant (my wife) checked... Continue Reading →

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