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I Love Free Software are words I love to hear. Do you know many folks out there do not know there is actually free software available that is comparable (or better) than some of the paid versions?

Today I want to point you to a website called, ilovefreesoftware, that has developed into the best free software site on the internet. The work that the site developers put into this is unbelievable. What started out as simple reviews of individual FREE software packages has evolved into a site where (daily) they will give you 4 or 5 choices of free software options of similar function.

The listing below is just a sample of what I am talking about.  I have often told young people who are interested in the field of IT to get out there and learn the in’s and out’s of software, and ilovefreesoftware is a great place to start.


App Icon Resizer is a free online tool to resize android/iPhone/iPad app icons. This simple tool can resize app icons into all needed resolutions.


Here’s a list of 5 random quote extensions for Chrome which you can use to post random quotes when opening new tabs, creating email in Gmail and more.


Here are best free TeraCopy alternative software. These software copy files faster than normal, let you pause/resume copy process, and more.


This article talks about 4 free group study websites. Check them to study in groups and share educational resources and quizzes with each other.


This article talks about 5 best keylogger detector software for Windows 10. These include features like real-time keystroke encryption, proxy support & more


The article talks about 5 best remote access software for Windows 10. These also have features like encrypted connections, file transfers, voice chat & more


Transformy.io is a free online app to transform a list of data into a clean list. All you have to do is provide an example of the desired format! That’s it!


Here’s a list of 5 brain training extensions for Chrome which you can use to improve your brain skills.


treev is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you search files and folders stored in your different cloud storage services together from any webpage.


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How To Get Microsoft Office For FREE?

Believe it or not you will soon be able to get and use Microsoft Office for FREE; but, there is a catch (as if you didn’t know).

Microsoft is planning to make the core viewing and editing features of Office FREE, but the catch is, this will only be available for FREE on devices with screens that are 10.1 inches or smaller. The thinking is that anything above that scale would most likely be used in a professional/office/school environment (thus cost is applied) and anything below that scale is mostly in a non-professional home/on the road environment (thus no cost is applied).


MS Office - FREE


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Have It All With A Solid State Hybrid Drive

[FEATURED GEEK SQUEAK] Have It All With A Solid State Hybrid Drive –  If you have an older PC and you are looking for a performance boost, that gives you faster speed with capacity, you may want to take a look one of Seagate’s Solid State Hybrid Drives.

Seagate’s Solid State Hybrid Drive

The good about the hybrid drive is that it is less expensive (see sample pricing) than solid state drives, yet gives you the kick and speed of the solid state drive (see customer reviews).

The hybrid drives by Seagate set aside approximately 6GB’s of ultra-fast NAND flash (same as used for SSD technology) to store the most frequently used data.  What this means is that, as you use the computer, the hybrid drive learns what data you use frequently and stores it on the SSD side of the drive. As this happens over time you will notice that the load times of those frequently used application are greatly reduced.  System boot times and system responsiveness are also noticeably improved using the hybrid form factor.

The Seagate® Desktop SSHD is designed to work in any standard desktop system. Unlike other hybrid solutions, there are no special drivers or software to install and configure. It installs and works just like a hard drive – only faster!


Learn a byte at a time, at What’s On My PC, with Geek Squeaks’ — featuring a round-up of tech products, news, software, apps, wallpapers, articles, you name it… I just plain love tech!


[HOW TO] How to Upgrade a Desktop Hard Drive With Solid State Hybrid Drive Technology – The process of upgrading your desktop drive to a Seagate® Desktop SSHD is simpler than you might expect. There are three essential steps involved with the upgrade process… @Seagate

[FREE EBOOKS] 150 FREE Microsoft eBooks – largest collection ever – Given the amount my readers enjoy these posts and these free resources, I am sharing another post this year with over 130 more FREE eBooks, Step-By-Steps, Resource Guides, etc., for your enjoyment… @TCAT Shelbyville – Technical Blog

[GMAIL] 5 Free Gmail Tracking Services To Get Read Receipt for Gmail – Here’s a listing of five free Gmail tracking services. These email tracking services keep tabs on your sent emails (sent via Gmail) and notify you (via different methods) when the recipient(s) open/read those emails… @I Love Free Software

[HOT TECH NEWS] The Popular WinPatrol System Monitoring Software Changes Hands – I couldn’t be happier to introduce you to the founder of Ruiware, LLC and Scotty’s new best friend,  Bret Lowry. He’s younger with more energy but still has almost 30 years experience developing software… @Bits From Bill

[WEB BROWSER NEWS] Chrome rockets past Firefox in browser arena – Google’s Chrome continues to shoot past Firefox among the desktop browser crowd, according to the latest stats from Web tracker Net Applications… @c|net

[WINDOWS APP] Pushbullet Windows App Gets Right-Click File Push Capability – You know all about Pushbullet by now – it’s that file/text/notification/everything else pushing app that’s so outrageously useful that you have to wonder why it’s free. Today there’s a treat rolling out to Pushbullet users on Windows in particular, and it makes sending files to your devices mega-easy. Just right-click and send.. @Android Police

[SECURITY] Probably the Best Free Security List in the World – This article contains a comprehensive list of free security-related programs or web applications for Windows XP and later Windows PC-based operating systems. The few non-free programs on this list are included because they are of high merit (in our opinion) and lack a comparable free alternative. This list also includes links to webpages that contain security-related information… @gizmo’s

[FREE SOFTWARE] MagicArchiver – Free Solutions for Archive Processing – A free archive processing utility. It provides a free and complete solution for manipulating archives. It is completely free for commercial and personal use… @MagicArchiver

[CLOUD COMPUTING] Here is the online application for cutting music – It allows you to effortlessly cut out a desired musical fragment from an MP3 file or a file in other formats, in order, for example to set it up as a customized ringtone for your mobile phone… @Online Audio Cutter

[CHROME EXTENSION] A powerful local, offline and background music player built entirely of HTML5 and JavaScript – A powerful local music player which runs as a packaged app (100% offline)… @Chrome Web Store

[UTILITIES] A software toolbox for your solid state drive hardware – Many of the top manufacturers of solid state drives have a software “toolbox” to go along with the hardware to configure the best performance. Sometimes a manufacturer only provides firmware updates, which are warned to be done at your own risk… @404 Tech Support

[HOW TO] 3 Ways To Directly Boot To Desktop In Windows 8 – Here are 3 ways to boot directly to Windows 8 desktop, when you login to Windows 8 PC… @I Love Free Software

[SECURITY] Microsoft Account protection: Login and security tips – Here are a few things you can do to help protect your Microsoft Account… @The Windows Club

[HOT TECH NEWS] Microsoft Announces Major Changes to Office 365 for Small and Midsized Businesses – In October, Microsoft will replace its Office 365subscriptions for small and midsized businesses with versions that are more affordable, more flexible, and provide more value. Existing customers will be able to take advantage of the new offerings—and the new pricing—starting October 1 or when they upgrade in the months ahead… @Paul Thurrott’s Supersite For Windows

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Windows Movie Maker Makes It Easy To Create and Edit Slideshows And Videos

With today’s smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras possessing the ability to capture video, you need some good video editing software, such as Windows Movie Maker.  The reason I am mentioning Windows Movie Maker is that it is FREE, is made by Microsoft and has an easy learning curve.

Microsoft Movie Maker

For example, I am not really into video editing, but recently I ran into a situation where I had captured a video, using a digital camera, and I needed a way to crop the video’s start and stop point and compress the size of the video so that I could email it.  Always remember, video captures typically can be very large in file size and sending a large video via email most likely will not work.  This is where Windows Movie Maker helped me out.

In summary, after transferring my video to my computer, I opened up Windows Movie Maker, started a new project from the file menu, which prompted me to locate and load my video.  Once the video was loaded (in a film strip type of fashion), I simply used the controls to play the video and stop it precisely where I wanted the actual starting point of the video to be. You can also drag the vertical line across the strip to really fine tune things. Once I established my starting point, I simply right clicked on the strip and clicked on Set Start Point. You can also do the same to determine your Set End Point.  As you perform these tasks, the video is cropped. Once I got this completed, with my goal to get this down to a size I could email it, I simply went back to the file menu and clicked on Save Movie, which then gave me an array of options such as Hi Def Display, Computer, Email, Android Phone, Apple iPhone and more…  In my case, I selected the Email option which automatically reduced the video file size and dimensions.  The file was saved as an MP4 file by default.

What I described is just a very basic use of Windows Movie Maker. It has so much to it that you can add animations, transitions, photos, background music in actually creating your own personal movie presentations.  If you are a YouTube fanatic, Windows Movie Maker may be a big help to you.


Import and edit slide shows and videos

Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into Movie Maker. Then fine tune your movie just the way you want it. You can move things around, speed it up or slow it down—it’s up to you.

Edit the soundtrack and add a theme

Enhance your movie with audio and a theme. Movie Maker adds transitions and effects automatically so your movie looks polished and professional.

Share your movie online

Once your movie is ready, share it online on Facebook, YouTube or other social networking and video sharing sites. Send a link to your movie in an email to family and friends so they won’t miss it.

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Get Your Windows Gadgets Back In Windows 8

Microsoft did not do a very good job promoting the gadget platform that was available in Windows Vista and Windows 7; and, as a result, most people were clueless about it (and did not understand it). Actually, for the everyday home computer user, it was not the easiest platform to navigate.

Typically, if you had the gadget platform activated, you would see a sidebar on the side of the desktop that displayed your gadgets (mini-programs that offered information at a glance and provided easy access to frequently accessed tools). I know that some of the gadgets I played around with (such as clocks, system monitors, picture slide shows, mini rss readers) were actually very good and were often nice in appearance. You could even detach the gadgets from the sidebar and move them around the desktop.

If you upgraded to Windows 8, and you was a Windows gadget user, you are going to find that the gadget platform is gone; HOWEVER, there is a really good third party FREE software option, called Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8, that will bring the gadgets back in Windows 8.

Screenshot - Windows Sidebar 8

Thoosje windows Sidebar comes with 11 of the most used gadgets like a clock gadget, Calendar gadget, CPU/memory gadget, Search gadgets, Hard Drive gadgets, Media player, quick launch, RSS feed gadget and more. An addtionional free gadget pack is under development now and will be released this year.

Thoosje windows sidebar is completely redeveloped and now the new gadgets system is designed to make it possible to let independent developers  create new gadgets for Thoosje Windows sidebar 8. The system is created to make it possible running Gadgets Directly From DLL ( For Developers)

Thoosje Windows Sidebar 8 Features

  • Entirely new Sidebar Engine
  • Eleven Build In Windows Gadgets
  • New Redesigned Windows Gadget Manager
  • Importing/Exporting Windows Gadgets (.cwgf files)
  • Importing & exporting Gadget Packs (.cwgp files)
  • Gadgets Info
  • Gadgets have Customizable Settings With build in encryption system
  • Gadget Blacklisting system to prevent malware
  • Enlarging Gadgets
  • Running multiple instances of gadgets which each have their own settings
  • Sidebar Background Settings Including 8 sidebar backgrounds
  • Customizable Sidebar Transparency settings
  • Sidebar Language Settings
  • Automatically Download new language files from server
  • Sidebar Error logs
  • Storing Gadgets on separated Sidebar pages
  • More gadgets available soon



Increase the maximum USB transfer size in Windows 7
and Windows Server 2008 R2

VideoLAN proposes VLC native Windows 8 version

Tech Tip #36: The Internet Toolbar Disappeared


5 in 1 Card Reader for iPad





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FREE Image Backup Software for Windows 8

This week my posts have been focused exclusively on Windows 8; due in part I just installed Windows 8 and I am like a kid in a candy shop.

As I continue to learn more about Windows 8 and customize my computer the more I realized that I needed to create a backup of my system. Yes, I could take the risk and hope all goes well and simply reinstall Windows if all fails, but that (especially in my case) would be a very time consuming process. This is where a good disk imaging program comes into play. In this case, by circumstance, Paragon’s FREE Disk Imaging Software for Windows 8 fell onto my plate.

FREE Image Backup Software for Windows 8

When you see FREE for disk imaging software, I become skeptical; however, when I see FREE in conjunction with Paragon I know I am getting a good product. What this software does is walk you through the process of creating an exact image of your entire system. Like any imaging program and depending on the file content and disk size of your system, creating an image is not a fast process; BUT, it is definitely worth the wait. Also, you should use an external drive to make the backup to. Paragon will walk you through the entire process of selecting the volume you desire to backup, to rebooting your system to begin the backup, to rebooting your system back into your Windows environment.  To restore your system you must create a Paragon boot CD so that when your PC goes belly up you can insert the CD in the CD Drive and boot your computer into Paragon’s powerful Linux/DOS environment. From that environment you simply select the image you backed up to restore your computer back to the same level it was when you created the backup image.

Paragon’s Image Backup for Windows 8 is a disk-imaging tool for Windows 8 and Server 2012. It employs Microsoft VSS and Paragon’s patent-pending technologies for consistent point-in-time copies of the whole disk system or separate volumes. For recovery purposes it includes a powerful Linux/DOS environment. But its power is its support of the innovative ReFS.

Key Product Benefits

  • Support of the latest Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • Support of the brand-new ReFS (Resilient File System)for backup, restore, and browsing under Windows and Linux
  • Live Windows backup. Create an image-based copy of the whole disk system, or separate volumes and place it locally, to CD/DVD/BD, or on the net. The use of the disk-imaging mechanism and Microsoft VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) tackles the problem of backing up running applications and system locked files
  • Flexible recovery. Restore the whole backup image, or only particular files under Windows or from the Linux/DOS recovery environment
  • Additional maintenance functions. The Linux/DOS recovery environment includes basic functions for initializing, partitioning and formatting hard disks



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