Play Yahtzee Online (for FREE)

If you are from my generation, I am sure you played Yahtzee where the object of the game was to score the most points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations. Today there are numerous virtual (software and online) versions of Yahtzee available. The best online version that I have come across, that is... Continue Reading →

One of My Favorites – SearchMyFiles

I have never been a real fan of the search operation that is built into windows; instead, have relied on third party applications, such as SearchMyFiles. What I find, is that most people do not want to try something that is not attached to the operating system (or they do not understand it); however, there... Continue Reading →

Over 450 Web Fonts Now Available In Google Docs

It still surprises me when I talk computers with people, the number of people that are not familiar with Google Docs. Google Docs, as it rapidly continues to evolve, has become the premier online office suite consisting of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. When you sign up for Google Docs you are in essence... Continue Reading →

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