Quickly Turn Off / On the Internet

Typically, I turn my computer “on” in the morning, which is connected to the internet, and leave it “on” until I go to bed at night. A practice that I have gotten into is that when I am away from the computer I will disconnect (or disable) my internet connection through my network settings.  I... Continue Reading →

Solitaire Brought to Life in 3D

Here is something that you all will like.  It is solitaire in 3D that is available for Windows, Apple Macintosh, iPod, iPhone and iPad.  It is called Klondike Forever...  The Windows version is a portable app where no install is required.  Klondike Forever is by far my most favorite computer version of solitaire.  Features include:... Continue Reading →

Best 119 Free Windows Programs

With computers being mainstreamed in people’s homes for more than 10 years it still amazes me that people do not realize the gold mine that is available in FREE software. To put this in perspective, I have three computers in my home and all three, with the exception of one, have nothing on them but... Continue Reading →

A Very Fast Disk Space Usage Analyzer

Ever wonder how much free disk space you have left on your computer? I am talking about the free space available on your hard disk to store files (such as photos, music, documents, etc.). If you are the everyday casual computer user and primarily spend your computer time on the internet, I venture to say... Continue Reading →

Windows Double Explorer for Windows 7

I could never figure out why Microsoft never offered a dual paned or tabbed view interface option in Windows Explorer. Managing your files and folders in those types of interfaces are so much easier to use; especially if you are a power user. There are numerous third party options available; however, none really mimic the... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#75)

If you are an information technology guru or someone that is learning to become and information technology guru, then Geek Squeaks’ is the place to be. Each week What’s On My PC features (recent) articles from the sites that are members of the What’s On My PC blogroll. Bookmarks4Techs 454 Tech Sites Canadian Tech Blogger... Continue Reading →

A FREE Magnifier for Your Computer

If you, or someone you know, is visually impaired; or you are like me, getting weak in the eyes, then give OneLoupe a try. OneLoupe is a software driven virtual magnifier for your PC that works just like a real magnifying glass. There is no install file to OneLoupe. Simply download and run (less than... Continue Reading →

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