Download Quick Access Popup

Create your own personalized menu to launch your programs, Windows apps, documents, websites, etc…  I am a lover of application launchers and can tell you that “Quick Access Popup”, is a good one and that the developer has put heart into this.

This easy-to-use tool will permit you to efficiently access all of your frequently used folders without the need to search for their location within Windows Explorer. It will also allow you to create your personalized menu that contains shortcuts to your favorite folders, documents, applications, URLs and more.

Source: Download Quick Access Popup – MajorGeeks

Developer’s Site:  Quick Access Popup

Add A Watermark Description And Date Stamp To Photos

You can add a watermark description and date stamp to a photo (or batch of photos) using the freeware Windows software application called Photo Date Stamper

Photo Date Stamper Settings

Photo Date Stamper

Photo Date Stamper gives you the choice to embed (and preview) a watermark in either the top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right of the photo. The watermarked text can be various sizes and colors. Once you save the result, the watermarked photo is saved in a folder called “New”…


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Control Your Computer’s Sound Volume and Balance From the System Tray

Many of us depend on controlling the sound volume on our computers by adjusting the knob on the speakers themselves or through a dedicated controller on the keyboard.

Today, I want to share with you a small utility, called SimpleSndVol, that installs an icon in the system tray where you can, with minimal effort, manage the sound volume and balance to your speakers. Simply click on the icon and the following interface pops up with sliders that you can move around to make volume and balance adjustments.


What I especially like about SimpleSndVol, is that you can hover the mouse pointer over the icon and use the mousewheel to raise or lower the volume; plus, by performing a middle click will cause the sound to mute.

If you right mouse click on the SimpleSndVol tray icon, you will presented with a menu where you can open various system sound controller utilities on your computer (such as the volume mixer, sound applet and volume control options), the SimpleSndVol settings, and an IconSet that give you the ability to change the tray icon. My favorite icon is the one labelled “Triangl [Update]”. There are also some optional hotkey functions built-in if you prefer controlling the sound volume through the keyboard.


All-in-All, SimpleSndVol is one of my favorite sound utilities that is a work in progress that works nicely on Windows XP/7 and 8.


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Quickly Turn Off / On the Internet

Typically, I turn my computer “on” in the morning, which is connected to the internet, and leave it “on” until I go to bed at night. A practice that I have gotten into is that when I am away from the computer I will disconnect (or disable) my internet connection through my network settings.  I primarily do this to prevent my computer from communicating with the internet and to prevent any opportunity for an outside intrusion (such as malware) to occur.

Recently, I came across a nice utility, called InternetOff, that makes turning the internet “on” and “off” very easy, right from the system tray (which is typically located on the right side of the taskbar).


After installing InternetOff, a small icon, representing a globe, will appear in the tray. Simply click on the globe and click on “Turn off the internet”. When you want to turn the internet back “on”, click on the globe icon again, and you will be presented with several options to turn the internet “on”.  You can turn it “on” for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour; OR, just turn it “on” (permanently).



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Automatically Get the Mouse Cursor Out Of The Way

You probably noticed that the past several days I have not posted much. This is due that I have been using my writing skills on another personal matter that has consumed, not only my time, but what brain cells I have left.

During the course of this personal writing venture, there were quite a few occasions where I had to swat the mouse pointer out of my view so that it would not distract me or change my focus. Afterwards, I started to wonder if there was an utility out there that would move the pointer out of the way for me (automatically)? In other words, I was looking for something that when I started to type, the cursor would move out of view and park itself.

Sure enough, I soon found my answer with Park Cursor Aside


Whenever you type on keyboard, the mouse cursor is automatically parked (moved) aside to a defined screen / active window position. This way your view of the input field is not blocked by the mouse cursor.

Right click on tray icon and select Settings, to define the parking position and other values.


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