Have Some Fun… Check Out These Awesome Online Games

June 14, 2017

Check out these FREE awesome online games at FRVR.com

FRVR – Great games for Web and Mobile

December 28, 2016

Nice…  You can play the games reflected below directly from within your browser. Pretty impressive GUI. Source link is below. Enjoy!

FRVR creates the next generation of games that runs right in peoples browsers. FRVR’s HTML5 technologies allows games to be built once and seamlessly published to all platforms.


Source: FRVR – Great games for Web and Mobile

[GEEK SQUEAKS’] – Free Video Downloader, iPhone Word Games, Wireless Speaker and Amazon Drops California

June 30, 2011

Geek Squeaks'

Freemake Video Downloader
Download and convert videos from
YouTube, Google, Facebook, and other sites.

3 iPhone Games for People Who Love Words

Nokia Portable Hi-Fi Wireless Speaker
for Listening Music from Mobile Wirelessly

Tech-for Everyone
More Good News For California – Amazon Drops Us


Computers & Accessories Index

Over 500 Bookmarked Tech Sites


Visit The World’s Biggest Online Pac-Man Game

May 6, 2011

Pac-Man is a game that we are all familiar with that has been around since 1980. The objective is to control Pac-Man through a maze, eating (dots) and not to be eaten (by Blinky, Pinky and Inky and Clyde). If Pac-Man is eaten, a life is lost.  If Pac-Man eats all of the dots, Pac-Man advances to the next level.


Pac-Man is now available in your web browser using HTML5 browser technology and that is not all.  It is “The World’s Biggest Pac-Man” game with hundreds of mazes to choose from. This particular Pac-Man has teamed up with Windows to show off and promote the capabilities of Internet Explorer 9. You can visit “The World’s Biggest Pac-Man” [HERE] .


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Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#72)

August 11, 2010

Welcome everyone to this round of Geek Squeaks’. If you do not know what Geek Squeaks’ are, then you do not know what you are missing. Each week, What’s On My PC selects recent articles from the blogs (and web sites) that are currently on the What’s On My PC blogroll. This is my way of saying “Thank You” to a great bunch of bloggers that I am associated with.

Geek Squeaks'

Site Update #21

Canadian Tech Blogger
Apple Adds Try Before You Buy App Section

thePC Security
SherWeb SharePoint Server Review – Value for Money

Right On Technology
Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Torch Announced,
BlackBerry 6 OS Packed in

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Luxand Blink – Free Facial Recognition Login Application
Now In 64 Bit Version

Plato On-Line
Craiglist Accused Again: Online Sex Trafficking

Faster PC! Clean! Clean!
How to Remove Wireshark Antivirus

Carol’s Vault
WolframAlpha – the best answers engine

AKS-Feel The Change
Airytec Switch Off-Shutdown or
Restart Your PC remotely from any Computer and Mobile Phone

neoSearch: A New Way To Search A PC

Laptop Reviews Central
HP Mini 5103 netbook unveiled

Paul’s Home Computing
Blog ATM Skimmer Crime: Moving From Bank ATMs To Gas Pumps

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Freeview HD PVR. The race is on!

TuneUp Blog about Windows
Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life with
TuneUp Utilities 2010’s Turbo Mode

Radbox Saves Videos for Watching Later

WriteMonkey – portable darkroom text editor

Tech-for Everyone
How To Clear Your Cache 2

The curse of popularity: Hackers love Apple’s iPad, iPhone, too

Free PC Security
Malicious Sites August 10

Mister Reiner
Do you actually understand computer security
or just the analogies?

iMeshi Food Cases For iPhone 4

Chicago Mac/PC Support
Web-Accessibility for People with Disabilities (via iCons in Medicine)

Online Storage Reviews
44 Blogs Discussing the Best Online Storage Services

Laptop Reviews
Toshiba M645

I Love Free Software
How to Schedule Shutdown, Hibernate, Restart, and Standby on PC

Netbook Freeware
CheckDrive: Best Free App To Scan and
Fix Netbook Hard Drive Errors

Worthy Tips
Fix Windows 7 User Account Security Issues with Accounts Tuner

404 Tech Support
Google and Verizon Push Policy For Open Internet

I Want Ice Water
Strange and Beautiful Roads

Block all Facebook Applications at a time

TTC Shelbyville
Tennessee Ranked Number 22 in Internet Speed

Find Out Whether your Mobile phone is Original or Not

My Technology Guide
Install Google Chrome For All Users Using Google Chrome Standalone Enterprise Edition

Awesome Wallpapers
Misc. Wallpaper Set 22

What’s On My PC
A Grab Bag Selection of GREAT Online Computer Games


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Bing Entertainment – FREE Online Games

August 1, 2010

Bing, Microsoft’s Search Engine, now offers several entertainment components to their search engine experience. One such experience under their entertainment category is access to some really great online games – [ CLICK HERE ]

They’re all part of a stellar line up of new casual games that can be found on Bing – available right in the Bing entertainment browser! Earlier this summer Yusuf mentioned casual games were part of our new entertainment experience on Bing and these new games are just one more way we are continuing to expand and deepen your online gaming experience.

Bing Games

The “good” here with this is that the goal is to provide a malware free experience in a category (such as online gaming) that has a reputation of dropping malware on people’s PC’s.


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A Grab Bag Selection of GREAT Online Computer Games

April 23, 2010

I recently went on the hunt for some online (cloud based) computer games. As you well know, there are numerous online gaming sites; however, most are laden with numerous advertisements and questionable tactics to draw you in. What I was looking for were individualized and specialized games that you play in your web browser (in a full screen or near full screen mode), that would make you stand back in awe, and did not require an online account.

Windows 7 card game Icon

Reflected below are links to the sites for the games that I was able to locate. If you know of other online games, that meets the criteria I have indicated, by all means share them with us by commenting below. You will notice I have not provided any description for the games. This is like a grab bag; reach in, click on the links, and be surprised.

Get The Glass

3D Future Ops 4: First Strike

Gravity Master


Matter: Online Tangram

Quest For The Rest

Space Shuttle: Online Flight Simulator


First Person Tetris

World of Solitaire

FlashChess III

Crystal Galaxy



Cost Cutter

Free Crossword Puzzles

Jigsaw Online


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