Delight – A Google Chrome Browser Extension That Is A Window To the Wonders of The World

Delight is a Google Chrome browser extension that is a window to the wonders of this world. When you click on a new tab, you are taken on a journey where you will visit awe-inspiring landscapes. If you click on the source link below, you will be taken to the developer’s web site where you can get a good feel for some of the landscapes, views, etc…

Source: Delight: Beautiful New Tab HD Videos

What You Need To Do In Order to Save and Open Google Docs, Sheets & Slides Offline

The past several days here at “What’s On My PC” I have been focused on various office suites that are available for FREE for folks at home. Each of those suites requires software to be installed. Another, online option, that requires no installation, that I find many people at home overlook is Google Docs (which includes Google Docs, Sheets and Slides). You can do a lot with this office suite and you can even configure this office suite so that you can save and open your files, even when you are offline (not connected to the internet). The only requirement to turn “on” offline use is that you use the Google Chrome browser and install a browser extension (see instructions below).

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Learn how to add a “real” search box to Google Chrome’s New Tab Page (at gHacks)

You may have noticed that when Google Chrome’s “new tab” page loads there is a search box; but when you go to type into the search box it will default to the address bar at the top of the page. To me, not normal and sort of takes away from the real purpose of the page. This has been an ongoing pet peeve of mine and today at “gHacks” I learned how to turn that search box into a functional search box (like it should be).

If you find this bothersome, as well, click on the link below to get the fix.

Add a “real” search box to Google Chrome’s New Tab Page – gHacks Tech News

Handy Screenshot – An Easy Chrome Browser Extension For Taking Screenshots

I have tried nearly all the Google Chrome browser extensions that have been developed to take screenshots. I recently discovered a new one called “Handy Screenshot“. What I really like about this screenshot utility is the simplicity where you have three screenshot choices: (full screen / visible part / select screen). Also built into the utility is a simple editor where you can crop, draw arrows, insert text, etc…You can even assign hotkeys to launch the utility. “Handy Screenshot”, in my opinion, is all that you need and is a perfect addition to your Chromebook.

You can get “Handy Screenshot”, for FREE, at the Google Chrome Store (see source link below)…

Source: Handy Screenshot – Chrome Web Store

Easily create notes from within Chrome that are automatically synced as Documents to your Google Drive account

Folks, if you are a Google Chrome browser user, this quick note-taking and note-keeping app, called “Notes for Google Drive” is a great browser extension. The best part about it is that it will autosave your notes to your Google Drive account. This has come in really handy for me when blogging…


Sick of emailing yourself notes, links and ideas? want to keep everything in Google Drive? Notes for Google Drive lets you keep all your notes right where you want them.

* automatically saves to Google Drive as soon as you start typing

* drag and drop reordering of notes

* quick access buttons for opening and editing in Google Drive

* does not require you to be signed into Chrome. This is perfect for when you want to access your notes on work and non-personal computers.

Source: Notes for Google Drive – Chrome Web Store

Popup My Bookmarks – A more efficient way to view and manage your Google Chrome bookmarks menu…

To me, if you are a Google Chrome browser user, “Popup My Bookmarks” is a must-have browser extension that allows you to get to your bookmarks easily from the toolbar. I like the idea that the dropdown panel is customizable (i.e. panel size, font size, etc…). This extension will automatically load your bookmarks from the Chrome bookmark manager and will keep them in sync.

Source: Google Chrome Store – Popup My Bookmarks



Just Read – View web articles in a more readable, attractive, and custom format…

Happened across this Google Chrome Browser extension that is very impressive. What you can do with this is open a web page and strip out all the nonsense (ads, popups, comments, etc..) into a readable format where it makes the content you are focused on easier to read, print, etc… Once you have the content opened up in Just Read, you can click on the “garbage can” (at the top), go into deletion mode, and remove the content you do not want. If you are a Google Chrome browser user, you can get Just Read by clicking on the source link below. The author’s web site is HERE

Watch Video To Learn More


Source: Just Read – Chrome Web Store

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