Google Keep Now Integrated With Google Docs

My favorite Google app, "Google Keep" is now integrated with Google Docs. How does this work? Click on the CNET source link below to learn more... Google's note-taking app Keep just became a little handier. Source: How to use Keep notes in Google Docs - CNET

Over 450 Web Fonts Now Available In Google Docs

It still surprises me when I talk computers with people, the number of people that are not familiar with Google Docs. Google Docs, as it rapidly continues to evolve, has become the premier online office suite consisting of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. When you sign up for Google Docs you are in essence... Continue Reading →

Scan To The Cloud With CloudScan

I started wondering if there was software available (for FREE) that would allow you to use your scanner to scan documents to the cloud?  What I specifically was looking for was scanning software that would load in my browser and allow me to scan documents to my Google Docs account. Sure enough, if you can... Continue Reading →

[GEEK SQUEAKS’] – Windows System Control Center Utility, Book Review, Remote Desktop App, and New Google Docs Feature

WSCC - Windows System Control Center Organize Utilities from Various System Utility Suites Paul Andrew Cambrian by Don Britt Netbook Freeware ThinVNC: HTML5 Based Windows Remote Desktop Application for Netbooks My Technology Guide Google Docs Viewer Now Handles ZIP and RAR Archive Files [ MORE… ] Bookmarks4Techs 586 Bookmarked Tech Sites and Computers & Accessories Index... Continue Reading →

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