Upgrade Your Hotmail To Outlook.com

If you are a Microsoft Office user, I am sure you have heard of Microsoft Outlook.  Well today I learned that Microsoft has launched a preview of their new webmail service called Outlook.com.  As a matter of fact if you have a Hotmail account you can get started using Outlook.com today. If you're a Hotmail customer... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#63)

If you have a passion for computers and information technology, then the place to be is at the sites listed below. Each week What’s On My PC features links to recent postings, called “Geek Squeaks’” that are authored by the members of the What’s On My PC blolgroll. Truly a blessing to be associated with... Continue Reading →

A new way to get Windows Live Hotmail

POP3 technology has now rolled out to Hotmail customers WORLDWIDE! This will enable you to  use your email client, on your PC or mobile phone, to pull down your Hotmail.  Of course you must have an account with Windows Live Hotmail to take advantage of this new feature. When you set up Hotmail in the... Continue Reading →

Windows Live…

I’ve recently did a post about "Blogging with Microsoft Word 2007..." Following that post, a fellow blogger whom I’ve come to know at “Tech-for Everyone” told me to give Window’s Live Writer a try to edit and post my blog articles…  I did and there has been no going back.  The Window’s Live Writer (by Microsoft)... Continue Reading →

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