Popular Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

My Chromebook has become my primary “go to” computer in the house. I like the concept of simplicity. Open it up, it turns on and I am on the internet doing what I need or want to do.

Today, I decided to post some popular Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts that you may be interested in (if you own a Chromebook). If you don’t own one, check out the one that I own by clicking here… I love it…

Popular Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Take a screenshot: Press Ctrl +  switch window (or Ctrl + F5)
  • Take a partial screenshot: Press Ctrl + Shift +  switch window (or Ctrl + Shift + F5), then click and drag
  • Take a screenshot (if your Chromebook converts into a tablet): Press Power button + Volume down button
  • Turn Caps Lock on or off: Press Alt + Search
  • Lock your screen: Press Search + L
  • Sign out of your Google Account: Press Ctrl + Shift + q (twice)
  • See all keyboard shortcuts: Press Ctrl + Alt + ?

Clavier allows creating keyboard shortcuts involving almost any key, including the Windows keys located around the spacebar…

Found Clavier to be quite interesting and possibly very useful in creating shortcuts to launch specific programs or to automatically write text. For example you could create a keyboard shortcut to launch that special program you use frequently OR to insert your email address instead of having to type it out. Clavier is available as a full install or portable app and will work with the latest versions of Windows.


  • Create global shortcuts, available in all programs
  • Fast program launching
  • Fast text writing with a single keystroke
  • Small and fast program: only one EXE of less than 100 Kb, no data in the Registry, setup program not required

SOURCE: Clavier


Today’s Geek Squeaks – September 29, 2013

A summary of Today’s Geek Squeaks:

Squeak #1 – (All Of The Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts) – Into keyboard shortcuts? If so, then you will appreciate the list that Microsoft has compiled for us (for Windows 8). Below you will find how to get to the list and note that there is even a bigger list (SEE BELOW);

Squeak #2 – (Gmail For Android Getting A Cleaner Look) – I have tried several different Android email clients to pull down my mail and I don’t learn. I keep going back to the Gmail client. I can’t wait to see the new version on my phone (SEE BELOW);

Squeak #3 – (Backup And Image The Partitions On Your Computer): When you create an image of your disk partitions you are getting an exact copy of the disk at the time you create the image. To do this you need specialized software.  Makes for an excellent backup strategy (SEE BELOW);

Squeak #4 – (A Highly Sophisticated Mouse): Check out the SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse (SEE BELOW);


Geek Squeaks’, featuring a round-up of tech products, news, software, apps, wallpapers, articles, you name it;  from my favorite tech web sites… I just plain love tech!

See An Endless Stream Of Geek Squeaks’ [ HERE ]

New keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 and Windows RT


With Windows 8 and Windows RT, you can use the keyboard shortcuts you’re already using, and you’ll find new ones too. For example, the easiest way to search on the Start screen is to simply start typing. Not on the Start screen? Press the Windows logo key‌ Windows logo key and you can quickly switch between Start and the app you’re in… READ MORE

NOTE: If you’re not familiar with keyboard shortcuts—or you’d like to see a list of shortcuts in one place—see the bigger list of keyboard shortcuts.

Cleaner Conversation View For Gmail On Android


Gmail for Android is getting a new, cleaner design for its conversation view. The update also includes a number of additional design tweaks such as checkmarks for multiple message selection so you can easily see what messages you are about to move, archive or delete… READ MORE

Backup Your Disk Partitions With Macrium Reflect

@ Snapfiles


Macrium Reflect Free Edition enables you to create complete backups of your disk partitions, including operating system, installed programs and all your settings. Using disk images instead of simple file backups allows you to restore your system to the same state in the event of a system crash or hardware failure… GET IT HERE


SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Collection


Based off the critically acclaimed Xai gaming mouse, the SteelSeries Sensei is a top of the line laser gaming mouse dedicated to suiting tournament level players. It features a highly sophisticated firmware that allows for multiple adjustments of the sensor functionality, as well as complex macros to customize the mouse to the user’s specific desires… CHECK IT OUT HERE

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A Screenshot Utility for Windows/Mac, Chrome,Firefox, IE and Opera

I have tried quite a few screenshot utilities that can launched from your browser and none performs as well as LightShot.


LightShot can be installed as a browser add-on/extension or as a standalone application for the Windows and Mac platforms. I especially use LightShot to grab screenshots from my browsers (especially Chrome and Firefox). It only involves a 2 mouse click process to select an area on your computer screen and quickly grab a screenshot. Not only that, once the screen shot has been acquired you have the following options available to you:

Share screenshots via Internet

Do you want to share photos, images, parts of a webpage or any content that you see on the screen with your friends? Simply start the Lightshot, select an area and click upload button! You will get a link for sending it to your friends or for posting it to your blog, Twitter, Facebook, anywhere!

Copy screenshot to clipboard

You can place captured area directly to the Windows clipboard, and paste it into any suitable application such as Word, Paint, Photoshop or any other. This can be done either by pressing “Copy” or by pressing Ctrl+C hotkey. Another option is to hold down the Ctrl key and select area, this will copy screenshot to the clipboard as soon as you release mouse button.

Edit screenshot immediately after it taken

You can edit your screenshot online with powerfull Pixlr Editor. It has classic Pen, Brush and Blur tools, you can highlight something or add a text note. There are a lot of other cool features and stuff you can work with. Take a video tour to know it all!

Save screenshots to your PC

Use “Save” button or “Ctrl+S” hotkey to save screenshot as JPG, PNG or BMP formats if you want to make a lot of shots and choose the best later or process them in some other way.

Use hotkeys

Almost every task has its own hotkey. You can use keyboard shortcuts to make LightShot even faster.


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Best Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

Rosewill Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case CHALLENGER

Rosewill Black Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case CHALLENGER

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Most Descriptive Listing of Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

What most people do not know about Windows; and, especially Windows 8, is that nearly every type of function in Windows can be controlled directly from their keyboard via keyboard shortcuts.

For example, in Windows 8 the classic Start Menu is missing. As a result of no Start Menu, people are at a loss when it comes to shutting down their computer at the Windows 8 desktop level. This is where having knowledge of keyboard shortcuts can come in handy. In this scenario, simply hitting the Alt + F4 keys in combination will ultimately lead you to the Windows Shutdown dialog box where you can select the shutdown option.


The reason I inserted the statement “ultimately lead you to” in the previous sentence is that each time you hit Alt + F4, and you have any programs open, that keyboard combination will individually shut down each open program until you reach the desktop level.

Another favorite of mine for shutting down my computer in Windows 8 is simply hit the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys in combination. That will take you to the screen where you can lock the computer, sign out, change your password, launch the task manager and where a small power button (bottom right of the screen) is located to power off the computer.  This keyboard combination will work from the Windows 8 Start Screen level and the desktop level.

Today I went on the hunt for a listing of Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts and found many; however, the most visual descriptive listing I found was at a site called, ShortcutWorld.


At  ShortcutWorld you can find every Windows 8 keyboard shortcut you can think of in the following categories:

  1. Getting around Windows 8 Start Screen and Desktop
  2. Windows 8 Charme Shortcuts
  3. Switch between Apps and Windows
  4. Power User Commands Shortcuts
  5. Managing Windows 8 Desktop Windows
  6. Windows 8 Taskbar
  7. Navigating Desktop
  8. Windows Explorer
  9. The Rest

Also, ShortcutWorld has put together a very nice PDF download of all of the Windows 8 shortcuts [HERE]



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Try Norton Power Eraser If You Think Your Antivirus May Be Missing Something

I know during all my years of operating a computer there has been those isolated occasions where I suspected something was not right with the performance of the computer, that it suddenly slowed down and that viral activity may be present.  To troubleshoot a problem such as this, I would perform a virus and malware scan of the computer to see if something was amiss.  Oftentimes, the scanners would come up clean; yet, I was still not satisfied and was left wondering, did my antivirus scanner(s) miss something?

In instances, such as I described, it is good to get a second opinion. Recently, I started exploring a FREE standalone rescue tool called Norton Power Eraser (by Symantec) that is specially designed to aggressively target scamware, rootkits and eliminate threats that traditional virus scanning doesn’t always detect.

Screenshot - Norton Power Eraser

This is very important…  Only use Power Eraser as a last resort. As described it is designed to aggressively identify any potential culprits on your computer. For example, when I performed a scan, Power Eraser identified a shortcut on my PC and a process on my PC as being BAD and prompted me to remove them. The two items Power Eraser picked up are third party software applications and are perfectly OK.  It also identified a gamut of unknown files (as potential suspect files).

Screenshot - Norton Power Eraser

This is not to mean that Power Eraser does not do its’ job. It is to the contrary, it is designed to aggressively identify any potential culprits on your PC.  In conclusion, I see Power Eraser as a really good troubleshooting tool in picking up suspect files and processes that your normal scanner may not pick up.  It is up to you (or get professional assistance) to determine if those files and processes are good or bad.  With Power Eraser (by default), a System Restore Point is created before a fix is implemented.

See the tutorial for using Norton Power Eraser [HERE] .



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A Must Learn Windows 8 Tip: How To Get To The Quick Access Menu And To The Windows 8 Start Menu

Many of the articles I post are often as a result of real world experiences. Recently, through conversation with a co-worker about Windows 8, they were expressing their dismay about not knowing an easy way to access the more advanced power user or system management functions in Windows 8 such as Control Panel, File Explorer (formerly called Windows Explorer), Search, etc… Their dismay soon turned to WOW, after I showed them how to access what is called the Quick Access Menu in Windows 8.  I consider knowing this tip as a must learn tip to accessing these key computer functions; plus, a HOW TO tip to accessing Windows 8’s version of the Start Menu (see below).

Quick Access Menu

You actually have two options to accessing this menu:

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over the lower left corner of your screen and when the small (square) thumbnail screen appears, simply right mouse click and voila’ the Quick Access Menu will appear. This method of accessing the quick access menu is my favorite and can be accessed from the Windows 8 Start Screen and from the Window 8 desktop level, even if you have a program open. Learn to find and use this menu by practicing and before you know it, accessing the menu will become second nature.
  2. The second method, if you are into using keyboard shortcuts (which I am not) is simply hit the Winkey plus X (Windows Key + X).

What the Quick Access Menu gives you, is access to the following system management components:

Programs and Features
Power Options
Event Viewer
Device Manager
Disk Management
Computer Management
Command Prompt/Command Prompt (Admin)
Task Manager
Control Panel
File Explorer Search

Windows 8 Start Menu

Also, as an added bit of information. Many people think that the Start Menu is gone in Windows 8; whereas, it really is not. It just looks (a whole lot) different.  If you follow the steps I outlined above to access the Quick Access Menu, and click on Search, the convoluted Metro version of the Windows Start Menu will be launched. This definitely looks different than what we were used to in the previous Windows version; but, in essence, this is the Start Menu that lists, categorizes and will launch any of the programs on your computer.



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