Clavier allows creating keyboard shortcuts involving almost any key, including the Windows keys located around the spacebar…

Found Clavier to be quite interesting and possibly very useful in creating shortcuts to launch specific programs or to automatically write text. For example you could create a keyboard shortcut to launch that special program you use frequently OR to insert your email address instead of having to type it out. Clavier is available as... Continue Reading →

My Pick For A Windows 8 Start Menu

In yesterday’s post I reflected Seven Alternatives To Restore The Start Menu In Windows 8 and explained that the Windows 8 desktop looks very similar to Windows 7 desktop minus the Start Menu (and Start Menu button). From what I have been reading on the internet, this is driving people to make statements that Windows... Continue Reading →

A NEW and Really Cool Desktop Launchpad

From the very first time I learned computers, I have always been fascinated with menu launchers AND have always loved customizing my PC to make launching my programs different than what was typical of the operating system. There are numerous launchers out there, and about the time I get a handle on one, I am... Continue Reading →

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