Auto Adjust The Brightness Of Your Monitor For The Time Of Day

I bet that many of my fellow tech bloggers spend a great deal of time at their PCs’, often working into the late hours researching and writing their next article… I know myself, I fly with the owls and hang with the opossums. A lot of this has to do with the mind of the geek not shutting down; BUT, have you ever thought that your computer monitor may be playing a part in this and is actually keeping you up?

Think about it, most everyone owns the big LCD and LED monitors that are very bright and that brightness stays at the same level both day and night. At night, the level of brightness becomes even more radiant and glowing and can actually impact and stress your eyesight and cause headaches; resulting, in sleeplessness or the delay in falling asleep.

Some studies indicate blue light is beneficial during the day, but late at night it can negatively affect your sleep pattern.

There is a software solution, that I have used for the past three year, called F.lux that I will not live without.


F.lux is a FREE software application that you install on your PC that makes the color temperature of your computer’s display automatically adjust and adapt to the time of day at your location. There is a feature built into the software that allows you to pinpoint your exact location down to the longitude and latitude. Once the location is entered, F.lux does the rest.

f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.

In a sense, as stated on the F.lux web sitewarm at night and like sunlight during the day”. The nice thing about this app is that you can manually adjust the color temperature to tweak it to the level you desire. You can even temporarily disable F.lux or exit F.lux and your color temperature will return to its’ normal settings. The night setting is the setting where you will initially notice that the display gives off a fleshy tone and you may not like it at first; BUT, with continued use it may make a difference in both your vision and health. I can honestly attest, after 3 years of using this app, it is a big help!





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Double Desktop – Like having 2-two monitors in one…

The Windows operating system, with the proper hardware configuration, provides the ability to connect more than two displays (monitors) to a single PC. Many of today’s users have taken advantage of the multi-monitor feature to increase their desktop real estate. As a result, the user is able to perform multiple tasks and functions.  For example, you could be checking your email on one screen (or desktop) and composing a letter on the second screen (or desktop).  Multi-Monitor configurations also gives the user the ability to drag items from one desktop to the other.

If you do not have a multi-monitor setup, there are other software options available that allows users to toggle between multiple virtual desktops.  I have tried many of these options and have found them to be quite cumbersome, memory extensive, and difficult to understand for the everyday user.


Recently, I ventured across an awesome virtual desktop utility that I had not yet experienced, called Double Desktop. Double Desktop is a software utility that will double your desktop (dual desktops) and give you that multi-monitor feeling (on one monitor).  I have found this utility to be very useful.  After you install Double Desktop, a red arrow (or triangle) will be displayed in the tray area (see below).


By clicking on the “red triangle” you can toggle between your 2-two desktops. You can also right mouse click on the “red triangle” and select options to setup “hotkeys” to toggle between your 2-two desktops. For example I selected the “Ctrl” key and the “Down Arrow” key to toggle between my desktops. I have been testing this utility and have been very excited about it.  It is one of those utilities that probably should have been a standard Windows feature.  According to the web site, DoubleDesktop will run on Windows 9X and later. For purposes of this article, I tested DoubleDesktop using Windows Vista Home Premium. You can download and read more about  “Double Desktop” by clicking on any of the links below.

Excerpts from the website:

DoubleDesktop is a smart and elegant system tray utility that effectively doubles the width of your Windows desktop. It’s simpler to use than many similar programs: just mouse-click on its icon or hit a keystroke combination to switch between “left” and “right” parts of the desktop. This lets you easily rearrange all your application windows between the two desktop parts.

To move a window from the one virtual screen to another, just drag the window beyond the right or left screen boundaries. Then, switch the desktop and pull the window the rest of the way through. You can choose different wallpaper and desktop icons’ title colors for both screens.

Exiting DoubleDesktop returns your main desktop back to its normal state, with all programs intact.

Get It Here

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