Free Online OCR Service To Convert Scanned PDF And Images To Editable Text

September 29, 2014

There are numerous PDF converters available that claim to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word or Excel documents. What typically occurs is that the converter turns the PDF into an image and then inserts the image into the Word or Excel document. The end result is that you still cannot edit the contents or text in the inserted file. 

SOLUTION: Go to Online OCR , sign up for the FREE account, upload your PDF and the magic will happen (the file will actually be converted to a Word or Excel document that you can work with). Online OCR is an online optical character resolution service that does a fine job of extracting text from PDF and image files. Online OCR recently saved me from re-typing a four page PDF file where I needed to edit the text in the PDF. I uploaded the PDF to Online OCR and the service did an excellent job of converting the file to a readable and editable Microsoft Word file format.

Online OCR is a free web-based Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) that allows you to convert scanned PDF documents (including multipage files), faxes, photographs or digital camera captured images into editable and searchable electronic documents including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Rtf, Html and Txt. also allows and supports:

  • automatic image rotation
  • full-page deskew on images
  • creation black and white images from color and grayscale image file
  • retain non-text color regions for reinsertion into the output document

The Poor Man’s Microsoft Office

June 3, 2013

This article is sort of a repeat from a previous article, A FREE Alternative to Microsoft Office And Especially Microsoft Word, that highlighted the poor man’s version of Microsoft Office, called Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012Note:  From what I am reading, the 2013 version will be available soon.

Kingsoft Office Suite

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012 is perhaps the most versatile free office suite, which includes free word processor, spreadsheet program and presentation maker. These three programs help you deal with office tasks with ease:

Writer – Efficient word processor;
Presentation – Multimedia presentations creator;
Spreadsheets – Powerful tool for data processing and data analysis

Although it is a free suite, Kingsoft Office comes with many innovative features, including a paragraph adjustment tool, and multiple tabbed feature. It also has Office to PDF converter, automatic spell checking and word count features. In this latest version, new features such as watermark in document, and converting PowerPoint to Word documents are also supported.

I have been so overly impressed with the compatibility of Kingsoft with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint that I wanted to let you know (again) that you can save a considerable amount of money by using Kingsoft instead of Microsoft Office. I often see folks, at home, buying a computer then throwing in the Microsoft Office Suite which really ramps up the cost of the entire package. Kingsoft is FREE, Microsoft Office is not! For the home based user, Kingsoft will get the job done.

If you are a student or business person where Microsoft Office is the main working software product, then I can see possibly buying Microsoft Office for your home computer; otherwise, don’t waste your money, give Kingsoft a try.

There is also an Android version available, as well.

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A FREE Alternative to Microsoft Office And Especially Microsoft Word

January 8, 2013

Most people at home think that when they buy a computer they have to throw the Microsoft Office Suite into the deal. Did you know that you can avoid the added expense and install other third party software that will get the job done for you and have the ability to read and write many of the Microsoft Office file formats?

Spending a lot of money on an Office Suite because you may write the occasional letter, does not make sense. If you are a student in school (or college) or a business person where Microsoft Office is a requirement, then it may make sense; and, even then (in most instances) people will only use the suite at home to view Office documents because they really don’t want to work from home.

Kingsoft Office SuiteRecently, I featured an Android Office Suite option for your phone and tablet called Kingsoft Office Suite for Android (see here).  I was so impressed with the Android version that I started to explore the Windows version that is available (for FREE) called Kingsoft Office Suite Free.

Kingsoft Office consists of a FREE word processor, spreadsheet program and presentation maker. You can download these components separately and in most instances you will only need the Word Processor (called Kingsoft Writer). To put this into perspective of how powerful (and compatible) the word processor is; Kingsoft Writer can open and edit all Microsoft Word files created with Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, and 2010.

Kingsoft Writer Free 2012 is a totally free word processor program with the qualities matching Microsoft Word and includes a wide range of easy to use features. It is the best Microsoft Word replacement supporting all the Word file formats including .docx. The easy to use user interface makes Kingsoft Writer an attractive choice of software for complete beginners and even the most advanced users. In addition, it introduced lots of useful functions including a built-in Word to PDF converter, automatic spell check, web layout view, etc.

So the next time you buy a computer, save yourself a considerable amount of money and give Kingsoft Office Suite FREE (especially Kingsoft Writer) a try…

Other Features of Writer Free 2012

Automatic Spell Check: Use the built-in spell checker to proofread your document. Any incorrect words are underlined in red.

Word Count: This feature helps to count the number of words in a document automatically. It can count pages, words, characters (with or without spaces) and paragraphs.

Word Document Encryption: Protect your privacy by preventing others from viewing or changing the files. Enter a read-only password to only allow document browsing and not modification. Enter read-write password to both browse and modify the document.

Mail Merge: A Mail Merging feature enables you to generate many documents at once that contain identical formatting, layout, text, graphics, and more in which only certain portions of each document vary.

Illustrations: A large range of clip arts, charts, shapes and pictures are available to choose from as well as several text effects, such as shadows, 3-D effects, wordart, outlines, emboss engrave, and more.

Cross-Reference: It offers cross-reference functions which refer to an item that appears in another location in a document. It can help you to find the content you are looking for as soon as possible and it also displays the structure of a book in a more systematical and compact way.

Equation and Symbol: A built-in equation editor is available for Writer which offers a number of often-used equations and operation symbols. You can easily insert and edit equations & symbols in your word document.

Various Document Viewing Methods: Diverse document viewing methods make it easy to edit your documents. These functions include the document map, gridlines, ruler, markup, and more.

One Click to Insert Blank Page and Page Break: It provides a useful function for inserting blank pages and page break that you can insert a blank pages or page break just by single-click.



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The Best Choice For Your Mobile Android Office

January 1, 2013

If you are an Android device owner (smartphone or tablet) and you are a Microsoft Office user it is important to have the ability to create, view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint files, while on the go.

The android app that I settled with, that is FREE, is the acclaimed Kingsoft Office for Android. I have tested nearly every android app out there that is capable of creating, viewing and editing Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, and Kingsoft Office is, in my opinion, the best choice and the most accurate.

Kingsoft Office for Android

Kingsoft Office for Android is the only Android mobile Office with full-features FREE. It is currently the No.1 FREE Business App in the Google Play Market. Over 12 million people worldwide are using this mobile office app to edit, share, and collaborate on the go. It is widely used in various popular mobile phones like Samsung and HTC. For Samsung Galaxy Note, we have a special installer, learn more.

Two of my favorite features are the ability to read Adobe PDF files and the ability to upload and download files on, Google Drive and Dropbox, directly from the file manager built into the app.

Feature List:

  • Desktop Widget
  • Writer for Android
  • Spreadsheets for Android
  • Presentation for Android
  • File manager
  • Input file formats: Support 23 kinds of files, including DOC/DOCX/TXT /XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/PDF
  • Output file formats: Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 97 to 2010 formats: .doc, .docx, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .pptx and .pdf.
  • Share documents via Email
    and Cloud Storage.
  • Easily open, view and send
    Email attachments.
  • Upload and download files
    on, Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • The interface is simple and easy to navigate.
  • The thumbnail wall helps you to find the recently opened files quickly.
  • The Desktop Widget provides convenient document previewing and editing functions.



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Easily Recover Lost / Forgotten Wi-Fi Network Password

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Nest Learning Thermostat – 2nd Generation





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A FREE Online PDF to Word Conversion Service

February 23, 2012

Yesterday’s post featured a FREE PDF to Excel Conversion Service that led me to look for (and find) a FREE PDF to Word Conversion Service (called Free PDF to Word Online).

PDF to Word

I don’t know if you are like me, but I find myself using Microsoft Word a lot more than Excel (but, that’s just me) and the majority of PDF files you are going to come across are text based documents.

The beauty of this online converter is that once the conversion is completed, you can fully edit the document in Microsoft Word. During the conversion process you are given option of converting the PDF file to a docx file (as typically seen as the default in MS-Word 2010), a doc file (as typcially seen as the default in MS-Word 2003) and a rtf file (rich text format).

You are limited to uploading a 10 MB PDF file with this service and there is an option for uploading the PDF directly from a website source. Following the upload of your PDF file, you can either wait for a download link to appear OR if you do not want to wait, just leave your email address and you will receive an email when the file is ready for download.

Nice service with excellent output results; however, the file upload size could be a little more heftier.



Today’s Top Five Best Sellers – Tablet PCs

Bookmark This (#31) – Microsoft Office Starter 2010

FREE Today Only -Wikinvest Ad-Free (Android App)

HOT HOT HOT – Bookmarks4Techs StoreFront

Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.


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How To Insert An Image As A Watermark In Microsoft Word 2010

January 16, 2012

Recently I posted an article, “Get It While You Can – Microsoft Office Starter 2010”, describing how you can get the Starter Edition of Microsoft Word 2010 and how the Starter Edition of MS-Word will serve to meet your needs in the department of word processing. Folks, I have been using the Starter Edition on a regular basis and I have yet come to a situation where I needed a feature that is in the full version (which costs a lot of money).  I am sure I may run into the wall with this, but I have not yet.

As a result of finally getting the opportunity to play around with MS-Word 2010, I decided today to put up a post on how you can take an image (or picture) and insert it as a watermark in your document. These same steps can be used to insert a normal text based watermark, as well.

If you are unfamiliar with watermarks…  Watermarks are faint imprints on the background of the document to designate the status of the document. For example, one of the most common watermarks that I have seen and used is the “DRAFT” watermark to indicate that a document is in the draft mode.

Screenshot - DRAFT Watermark

Other common watermarks used are “Confidential” and “ASAP”..; BUT, what if you want to use an image as a watermark to brand a document or to decorate the document?

To insert an image as a watermark in Microsoft Word 2010, follow these steps:

1.  Pull up your document in Word.  Click on the Page Layout tab at the top menu, click on Watermark, then at the bottom of the drop down click on Custom Watermark.

Screenshot - Watermark

2.  After you click on Custom Watermark, the Printed Watermark dialog box will appear.  When this box appears, click on Picture Watermark and Select Picture button will become active.  At this point, click on the Select Picture button to retrieve the image (or picture) you desire for the watermark image.

Screenshot - Printed Watermark Dialog box

3.  When retrieving the image (or picture) you desire, make sure you select the Washout check box so that the selected image (or picture) is lightened.  At this point, you can also change the scale of the image.

Once you select a watermark and embed it in the document, it becomes visible throughout the entire document.  If you need to turn “off” or change the watermark, simply follow these steps again.

If you are a Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 user, be sure to check out a related article titled:

Adding a “Watermark” in Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007



Featured Tech Site of the Day – Daily Tech

FREE Today Only – Galactic Blast (Android App)

Do Your Own Taxes At Home With TurboTax!

Tech Deal of the Day – 50% Off Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive

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Get It While You Can – Microsoft Office Starter 2010

December 16, 2011

Typically when you buy a computer these days, you will see Microsoft Office Starter 2010 included in the deal. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 includes Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, with limited functionality and is ad supported.

Recently, on the blogging circuit, I noticed that it was discovered that Microsoft Office Starter 2010 could in fact be downloaded, via Microsoft supported servers. Whether this was a hiccup in Microsoft’s managing of those servers or they simply opened the gate to generate attention, it is unknown. Since that time the gate has been closed; however, I did find two other sites where you can get this download.

Again, I want to point out that Microsoft Office Starter 2010 only includes Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (with limited functionality); however, do not let this deter you. I tested both of these applications and found they are very good; especially, if all you need is basic word processing and spreadsheet capabilities. Actually, knowing what I know about people using software, the basic will actually seem to them to be advanced.  In other words, it will probably suffice for 90 percent of everyone out there, at home, to perform the functions you will need (and more). If you are advanced business user, or a Microsoft Office power user, this is not for you. Also, do not let the “ad support” deter you.  The ad is small and unobtrusive…  Bottomline is this, if you want to save a whole lot of money and want a good word processor and spreadsheet application, then get this download (see below).

Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Ok, as of the date of this post, there were two locations I found to download Microsoft Office Starter 2010:





As an added note, if you may be wondering…  I am running Microsoft Officer Starter 2010 alongside the full blown version of Microsoft Office 2003 with no problems.



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@ Paul’s Home Computing Blog

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Large Scale Giveaway of PDFtoWord

July 15, 2010

image Get it while you can – AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter 3.0.0 (worth $29.95) for FREE. Simply visit AnyBizSoft’s Facebook page [ HERE ] and click on the “Like” button at the top of the article.

A Facebook account is required in order to access this FREE giveaway. Your name and a valid email account is necessary in order to get the keycode (to unlock the software).

PDFtoWord Converter 3.0.0


The easiest solution to edit and reuse PDF contents for Windows users

Standalone, don’t require Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat

Support encrypted PDF files conversion

Preserve text, layouts, images, tables and hyperlinks in an editable Word document

Support Batch conversion of 200 PDF files, Partial, and Right-click conversion modes


jaanix post to jaanix

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Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#42)

January 6, 2010

It is unbelievable, especially the older we get, just how fast a week seemingly passes by; but, one thing I look forward to each week is Geek Squeaks’.

Geek Squeaks’ is a compilation of articles, created within the past 7 days, by the members (bloggers) associated with the What’s On My PC blogroll (at the right side of the blog). If computers and information technology is in your blood, then these sites (or blogs) are the ones to follow.


Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
FreeFixer – A Free, Powerful Anti-Malware Tool

Plato On-Line
Facebook vs. Suicide Machine
How to Remove Antivirus PC 2009

AKS-Feel The Change
Merge two or more PDF files

thePC Security
Freeware PC Security Software Download – Rising PC Doctor

Crazy World of G
You Have Wave

Memorize Makes Virtual Flashcards and More [Flashcards] – finds sites like those in your feeds

Sugarloaf Tech
Remote wipe your BlackBerry without BES

Tech-for Everyone
How To Make Word Open A Normal Blank Page*

Those Green Doublelined Words on a Web Page

Free PC Security
Online Armor Free Firewall V4

TuneUp Blog
Survey: Replace Rather Than Clean Up a PC?

Computer Maintenance
Data Backup

Canadian Tech Blogger
IE Usage Down, Chrome Surpasses Safari

Free ASCII Art Designer Software for your PC!

Worthy Tips
Idea To Convert Your Photo To Hand Draw Sketch On Your Desktop

3 Ways To Test Your LCD Monitor For Defective Pixels

I Love Free Software
WeBuzz.IM – Use Gtalk, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM from Browser

TTC Shelbyville
Repair Internet Explorer

Carputers News and Computer Tips
Learn how to research online…

Easily and Safely Optimize Vista
by Disabling Unnecessary Windows Vista Services

Freeware Pharmacy
MCE Buddy

What’s On My PC
FREE Online Virus and Malware Scanners


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All Time Top Ten Tech Articles at What’s On My PC…

October 25, 2009

When you write articles in a blog, nearly everyday, they have a tendency to accumulate and eventually get lost in the pile (especially to the frequent visitor). Today I was reviewing some past posts and decided to make a listing of the “All Time Top Ten” at What’s On My PC.  Enjoy!

In summary you will find that: Windows Vista still is causing gray hair; AOL is not dead; WD TV Media Player is a hit; people do not like change, including bing;  we need browser protection; there is a cheap way to use a Blackberry; we love FREE software; people are still trying to figure out MS-Word; and Conficker continues to evolve and is still alive!

If you experience
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 installation issues…


Creating an AOL Install CD… (if you must:)


When Vista will not boot…


Review of the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player


“WOT” is NEW…


bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine


How to use a Blackberry Smartphone with a cheap
“Pay As You Go” mobile phone plan…


Software AppsFreebiesPortable Apps


Adding a “Watermark” in Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007


Conficker and Spyware Protect 2009


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Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#31)

October 7, 2009

If you are someone that is into computers, technology, and software; then, you need to follow the blogs I have listed below. Listed is a compilation of articles (from the past 7 days) from the blogs that are on the What’s On My PC… blogroll. The authors of these articles (and blogs) go to to great lengths to draft and publish these articles, without compensation, on a frequent basis.

Geek Squeaks’

Plato On-Line
WHY Do We Have Sex?

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Secure Cam Motion Detection Surveillance Software – Free

Google Video Increases upload limit to 16GB

Tux in the Midwest
Drupal Notes Series

TTC Shelbyville
Scan Your Computer With Avira Antivir Rescue System

Piyada’s World
A simple tool to disable write access on your USB thumb drive

Technize-Be Techdated
Google Redirect Virus Removal

Pingtest: Check the Quality of your Broadband Internet

thePC Security
An Ultimate Guide to Software Update Notifiers

Computer Too Slow
Types of Internet Connections

Lifehacker DefaultBrowser
Sets a Portable Browser to System Default

Tech-for Everyone
Gmail Quick Tip — Keyboard Shortcuts

Free PC Security
Layered Security Part 2

AKS-Feel The Change
Check Whether your Email Account Phished or Not

Carol’s Vault
Choose Between a PS3 or Xbox 360 as a present
How to Remove TrustCop

Teck~Line Lounge
Warning Fake Twitter Email Going Around

SpywareBiz Blog
Are online threats bugging you?

Evilfantasy’s Blog
Microsoft Security Essentials Final

Right On Technology
Fitbit Wireless Pedometer
CrossLoop – remote access and support software

Freeware Pharmacy

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
The ribbon and why others are applying it.


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Making a calendar fast in Microsoft Word

July 4, 2009

Today is a short “simple” post with the holiday weekend and all…  If you are a Microsoft Office User there is a really fast way to make a calendar for the year.  All is required is Microsoft Word and an internet connection.


Click on this link [ HERE ] , follow the instructions; and in less than a minute you will have a 12 page calendar for the year that can be customized to your liking. If you are looking for something more in a calendar (e.g. weekly, daily, julian, etc.) then visit [ HERE ] .

I wish to everyone, a safe and enjoyable 4th of July (Independence Day) celebration.


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Adding a “Watermark” in Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007

February 23, 2009

A watermark is a recognizable background image or pattern that is embedded in a document at various shades of lightness or darkness. The standard placement of a watermark is done in such a way in the background (e.g. diagonal) to catch the reader’s eye and to convey a readily recognizable message that portrays the status of the document (e.g. confidential, draft, ASAP, etc.). Of course there are other non-standard methods of embedding a watermark, such as adding your own image. Today, I had a situation where I had to embed a watermark in a Microsoft Word document; which provided me with the idea of sharing this process with others.  Actually it is quite simple, and this tip may be helpful to others.

WatermarkMicrosoft Word 2003

The watermark commands are available only in normal, print layout, and outline views.

  1. On the Format menu, point to Background, and then click Printed Watermark.
  2. Do one of the following:  To insert a picture as a watermark (watermark: Any graphic or text, such as “Confidential,” that when printed appears either on top of or behind existing document text.), click Picture Watermark, and then click Select Picture. Select the picture you want, and then click Insert.To insert a text watermark, click Text Watermark, and then select or enter the text that you want.
  3. Select any additional options that you want, and then click Apply.
  4. To view a watermark as it will appear on the printed page, use print layout view

Microsoft Word 2007

You can insert a predesigned watermark from a gallery of watermark text, or you can insert a watermark with custom text.

  1. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Watermark.
  2. Do one of the following: Click a predesigned watermark, such as Confidential or Urgent, in the gallery of watermarks. Click Custom Watermark, click Text watermark and then select or type the text that you want. You can also format the text.
  3. To view a watermark as it will appear on the printed page, use Print Layout view.
NOTE:  Also read – How To Insert An Image As A Watermark In Microsoft Word 2010

Deal of the Day @

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Microsoft Word – How to ALWAYS create a backup copy…

January 14, 2009

There is a little known feature in Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007, that by changing a simple default setting, Microsoft Word can automatically create a backup file of your work.

It can be very frustrating when you are working on a document of importance and you lose all your work as a result of a power failure or computer glitch.  This setting change could be your saving grace and prevent a lot of heartache.  When Microsoft Word is set to “Always create backup copy”, a backup copy of a document is created each time you save the document. Each backup copy replaces the previous backup copy. Word adds the phrase “Backup of” to the file name and applies the file extension .wbk to all backup copies. The backup copies are saved in the same folder as your original document.  Note: If you delete the original document without saving it, the backup copy will not include any changes you made since you last saved the document.

Word 2003

To change the setting to “Always create backup copy”

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Save tab.
  2. Select the Always create backup copy check box.

To Open a backup copy of a document

To be able to recover the previous version of your document after a power failure or similar problem, you must have the Always create backup copy check box selected on the Save tab in the Options dialog box (Tools menu) before the problem occurs, and you must have saved the document more than once.

  1. Click Open Button image.
  2. In the Files of type box, click All Files.
  3. If you want to open a backup copy that was saved in a different folder, locate and open the folder.
  4. Click the arrow next to Views Button image, and then click Details.In the Name column, the backup copy name appears as “Backup of document name“; in the Type column, the file type for the backup copy appears as “Microsoft Word Backup Document.”
  5. Locate and then double-click the backup copy to open it.

Note: The backup copies do not carry the typical *.doc file extension, but carries the file extension *.wbk

Word 2007

To change the setting to “Always create backup copy”

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Word Options.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Scroll to the Save section, and then select the Always create backup copy check box.

To Open a backup copy of a document

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Open.
  2. In the box next to the File name box on a computer that is running Windows Vista, or in the Files of type box on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP, click All Files.
  3. If you want to open a backup copy that was saved in a different folder, locate and open the folder.
  4. Click the arrow next to Views , and then click Details.In the Name column, the backup copy name appears as Backup of document name. In the Type column, the file type for the backup copy appears as Microsoft Word Backup Document.
  5. Locate and double-click the backup copy to open it.
  6. If you want to work with the backup copy as a regular Word document, click the Microsoft Office Button , click Save As, and then type a name for the file in the File Name box.


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