Today’s Geek Squeaks – July 30, 2013

A summary of Today’s Geek Squeaks‘: If you are a network administrator you may want to take a look at BgInfo to display system information on the desktop of all of your computers!  Great for home computers too; Lifehacker has an article up about how to use an old router to extend your Wi-Fi network. ... Continue Reading →

A Notes Manager with a Gorgeous Interface

I have always have had an attraction to software, such as personal information managers and sticky notes programs, to help me stay organized. I have tried and tested numerous types of these programs and many of them are very, very good; however there is always a downside. Many of the personal information managers often carry... Continue Reading →

Evernote Your FREE Online Notebook

If you are constantly piling notes on your desktop then it is time to use your computer, the internet, your mobile phone, and Evernote. Evernote is an online notebook that is designed to store notes, webclips, pictures, pdf files, etc… You can use the online interface to store your notes or you can download the... Continue Reading →

You have to try out Stickies v7 beta…

Stickies (v6.7) is a FREE electronic version of “sticky notes” that you often see posted on people’s desk, computer monitors, refrigerators, etc…  I have been using Stickies on my PC (and thumb drive) to replace the accumulated paper mess that "sticky notes can lead to. Stickies is one of those programs that I personally cannot... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#27)

Wow…  Over a half-year of Geek Squeaks’. Combine all the articles together in a book and you have a technology book like no other.  Geek Squeaks’ are a compilation of articles from the authors of blogs (web sites) that are on the What’s On My PC… blogroll. I do have to admit I have associated... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#25)

If you are new to What’s On My PC… you will notice on the right side of the blog a category listing for Geek Squeaks’.  The Geek Squeaks’ category is a weekly roundup of articles from the bloggers that are on the What’s On My PC… blogroll.  I encourage you to visit these blogs to... Continue Reading →

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