This is Awesome… Play, Create and Share Realistic Looking Jigsaw Puzzles Online

When I come across something that I classify as “awesome”, I want to share it with my readers right away! Some of you may like jigsaw puzzles and some of you may not; however, you have to take a look at this online (virtual) version of jigsaw puzzles called Jigsaw Planet (by Tibo Software).

Briefly, I am familiar with Tibo Software’s Jigsaw Puzzle software and highly recommend it if you are into this sort of thing. The online version that they have created is the best out there (in my opinion) in coming very close to the real jigsaw puzzles that we put together out of the box.

Tibo - Jigsaw Planet

To play (or try) the online version, simply visit and select one of the puzzles they have available. This will give you an idea of what I am talking about; but, if you sign up for an account this opens the door for a whole lot more such as uploading your own photos to create your own jigsaw puzzles that can be shared with others (by simply emailing them a link to the puzzle you created).

Also, account holders can create puzzle albums and customize the puzzles to determine the shape, number of pieces, sharing options, etc…; and, to make things more challenging, you can create puzzles where the pieces can be rotated by picking up the pieces by left clicking the mouse and rotating the piece by right clicking the mouse. I think this feature of rotating the pieces is unheard in comparison to other online jigsaw puzzles I have tried.

Account holders also have the luxury that once you start a puzzle, the puzzle is automatically saved, no matter where you leave off. If you log off or leave the site, when you come back and log in, your puzzle is there where you left it (with the pieces intact). Another feature here is that the pieces look real and you can go full screen (without ads)… I think, once you get in there with this, you will be bookmarking this jigsaw app.


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Geek Squeak – Computer How To Guide Shows You Where To Play Online Slots For Fun

Computer How To Guide (one of my favorite sites) posted an article “Play Online Slots for Fun at” that caught my attention. I am not necessarily into gambling or slot machines; but, what fascinated me is the graphical user interface that has been built into these online virtual slot machines. is one of the most popular online sites that offers users a free portal to play slot machines. Users can simply play the slots for fun and it’s free of charge. If you’re tired of playing the same old social media games such as Zynga, Angry Birds, or Candy Crush, online slot machines offer a unique change of pace. It also offers users an opportunity to play games on a normal computer if they’re also bored with console gaming systems. Free slots offer the fun of playing, without costing users any money and without risking any money either… READ MORE @ Computer How To Guide

A Grab Bag Selection of GREAT Online Computer Games

I recently went on the hunt for some online (cloud based) computer games. As you well know, there are numerous online gaming sites; however, most are laden with numerous advertisements and questionable tactics to draw you in. What I was looking for were individualized and specialized games that you play in your web browser (in a full screen or near full screen mode), that would make you stand back in awe, and did not require an online account.

Windows 7 card game Icon

Reflected below are links to the sites for the games that I was able to locate. If you know of other online games, that meets the criteria I have indicated, by all means share them with us by commenting below. You will notice I have not provided any description for the games. This is like a grab bag; reach in, click on the links, and be surprised.

Get The Glass

3D Future Ops 4: First Strike

Gravity Master


Matter: Online Tangram

Quest For The Rest

Space Shuttle: Online Flight Simulator


First Person Tetris

World of Solitaire

FlashChess III

Crystal Galaxy



Cost Cutter

Free Crossword Puzzles

Jigsaw Online


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A Fantastic FREE 3D Online Chess Game

If you are an avid chess player, then you will appreciate SparkChess (flashChess III).


The “cool factor” here is that you do not need to install any software to play this 3D online chess game. SparkChess (flashChess III) is a cloud application, meaning the game can be played straight from your web browser. This cloud app is Adobe Flash Player based, is very attractive in appearance and really serves one goal; AND, that is to make you a better chess player. Even if you do not play chess, I encourage you to visit SparkChess (flashChess III) to get a good look at how interactive applications, such as SparkChess, will look like as we continue to evolve in the direction of cloud based computing.

To play SparkChess (flashChess III), click [ HERE ] .


To visit the main web site of SparkChess (flashChess III), click [HERE]. Please Note this upcoming change, as reflected on the web site:  Same game, new name – we’re rebranding: with the next release, flashCHESS will be known as SparkChess. You’ll still be able to play from either domain – and


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