Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows

We all are familiar with web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari; however, much is not said about Maxthon. Currently, I have Maxthon loaded on my Android phone and tablet and I have found it to be the best mobile device web browser out there. I think if you give the... Continue Reading →

GEEK SQUEAKS’ (#65) – A Wireless Hard Drive, Opera Browser, Ask A Tech Teacher, New Coupon Site, and Bing’s Magical Calendar

Seagate's Mobile Wireless Hard Drive —————————————————– Opera for Windows —————————————————– Tech Tip #96: Open a Program Maximized @ Ask A Tech Teacher —————————————————– Our Own Start-Up: New Coupon Site Pluxie! @ Websites, Internet, Software Tips And Reviews —————————————————– Bing unveils Magical Holiday Calendar @ AKSGeek Live —————————————————– [CLICK HERE] Computers & Accessories Index Over 600... Continue Reading →

Opera Mini on my Blackberry

If you are looking for a decent web browser for your Blackberry or your web capable smartphone, then take a look at Opera Mini & Opera Mobile . The Opera Mini browser has been specifically engineered and developed with the mobile phone user in mind. The browser interface is elegantly designed and is engineered to... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#51)

The content presented by the authors of each of the articles below are examples of dedication, pride and commitment.  Each week What’s On My PC posts random articles, called Geek Squeaks’,  that have been crafted by the authors who are members of the What’s On My PC blogroll community… If your blood runs thick with... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#26)

Welcome to the weekly listing of articles from the “What’s On My PC…” blogroll community. These are articles are articles posted by the authors during the past (7)-seven days. If you notice on this list (and the blogroll) there are some recent additions (e.g. Mrintech, Computer Too Slow, Blogging Fool). If you are looking for... Continue Reading →

Browser Speed Comparison Test

We all want faster, safer, and reliable… Checkout the browser speed comparison test at PCGames Hardware. The tests they ran focused on pure speed. You can even run the same tests at Sunspider, Futuremark Peacekeeper, and Acid. A  "What's On My PC..." Web Clip! Internet browser tested with Peacekeeper, Sunspider and Acid Big browser comparison test: Internet... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#13)

Here are this weeks’ highlight “tech” articles from bloggers on the “What’s On My PC…” blogroll. If you are new (or old) to computers, I encourage you to visit these blogs. You can learn a whole lot very quickly from, what I consider, very reputable sources. A Tech’s First Impression of Windows 7 64-bit –... Continue Reading →

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