Create Photo Collages Online for FREE

It is amazing the tools that are available online these days that allow you to perform various photo editing and design techniques right inside your web browser; and no software installation is required. Online applications, performed by simply visiting a web site, is an example of what is called cloud computing. Another FREE online application,... Continue Reading →

FREE and EASY Powertoy Image Resizer

Many Windows XP users are probably familiar with the Powertoy Image Resizer you downloaded as an add-on that allowed right-click image resizing functionality in Windows Explorer. This very popular Powertoy was primarily designed for Windows XP with no further development to support Windows Vista or Windows 7. This Powertoy utility enabled you to single or... Continue Reading →

A Windows “Paint” Replacement…

I never could figure out why Microsoft would build an operating system, that is the premier operating system of the world, then include in that operating system some really poor programs (such as notepad, wordpad, paint, calculator). The freeware and open source authors have put those programs to shame…  One replacement program that I use... Continue Reading →

What digital camera should you buy?

I came across an article today, “General Advice for Purchasing a Digital Camera” (by TechPaul – Tech-for Everyone) that caught my attention.  I love digital cameras; however, I am an amateur photographer at heart.   I have owned quite a few cameras over the years and I have found that they keep getting better and cheaper. ... Continue Reading →

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