Today’s Geek Squeaks – October 2, 2013

A summary of Today’s Geek Squeaks‘: Squeak #1 – (A Set Of Over 20 Software Utilities) – The number of optimization suites out there are numerous. Some you pay for; others are simply FREE. Today’s featured suite is Puran’s Utilities. You can download these FREE utilities individually or as a suite. Puran’s Utilities carries with... Continue Reading →

GEEK SQUEAKS’ (#62) – Cool Camera, A Hot Trending Clipboard Manager, Future of SSD, Zombies and IT Nerds, and Defend Yourself On The Net

Camera With A Versatile Lens System —————————————————– Free Clipboard Manager 2.00 Free Clipboard Manager that saves every text and image that is copied in the clipboard! —————————————————– Data Recovery Blog Is SSD The Future Of Storage? —————————————————– Confessions of a Freeware Junkie Zombies, IT nerds, bacon, oh my! —————————————————– Computer Tips How To Defend Yourself... Continue Reading →

Surf Safely with Web of Trust

A tool (or browser add-on) that I use on my PC’s, in addition to my normal security software, to help protect me when I am browsing the internet, is no other than Web of Trust (also referred to as “WOT”). If you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera I highly recommend this installation.... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate FREE System Protection Tool

If you are someone that tests software; OR manages computers where there are numerous users (such as at a kisosk, classroom, library or at home with the kids); OR, you are simply are looking for the ultimate in computer protection, then look no further. The solution is a virtualization application called  Wondershare Time Freeze. Recently... Continue Reading →

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