Geek Squeaks #2015-13 @ What’s On My PC (Featuring: Rdio Announces FREE Access To Live Broadcast Radio — and MORE STUFF)

August 15, 2015

Rdio Announces FREE Access To Live Broadcast Radio – What this means is that you can search for your favorite stations (by name, call letters or frequency) and listen to them live. To visit Rdio — click here

Rdio is an online music service that offers ad-supported free streaming and ad-free subscription streaming services in 85 countries.[4] It is available as a website and also has applications for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone mobile devices, which can stream music from its servers or download music for offline playback. — source: Wikipedia


Did you know your smartphone is loaded with more fecal coliform than a toilet seat? – After you read this article at Forbes, “5 Gadgets With More Germs Than Your Toilet Seat” you may think twice about using someone elses’ phone (and even your own)… As a matter of fact there is more bacteria being harbored on our devices than a toilet seat.

 Bacterial growth from phone imprints.

SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive – Wirelessly store, share, stream movies, photos, music, and documents across your smartphones, tablets and computers with the SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive. You can simultaneously can connect and access data on up to 8 devices via Wi-Fi. Works on all Wi-Fi enabled devices (no internet connection, cables or router required.

SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive

Some Good Movies At Crackle This MonthCrackle is an online movie and tv site where you can watch movies and tv shows for FREE. It is actually pretty good and they change their venue on a regular basis.

21 (2008)

Barney’s Version (2010)

Beverly Hills Ninja (1997)

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star (2011)

Detention (2011)

District 9 (2009)

Exorcism of Emily Rose, The (2005)

The Eye (2008)

Fisher King, The (1991)

Guess Who (2005)

Heavy Metal (1981)

Heavy Metal 2000 (2000)

I Spy (2002)

Jawbreaker (1999)

Jerry Maguire (1996)

The Legend of Zorro (2005)

Leprechaun (1993)

Leprechaun II (1994)

Leprechaun III (1995)

Leprechaun IV: In Space (1996)

Leprechaun V: In the Hood (2000)

Leprechaun VI: Back 2 tha Hood (2003)

Lockout (2012)

Mr. Baseball (1992)

The Net (1995)

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Return of the Living Dead III (1993)

Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis (2005)

Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (2005)

The Rum Diary (2011)

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Skulls, The (2000)

Skulls 2, The (2002)

Skulls 3, The (2004)

Steamboy (2004)

Toy Soldiers (1991)

Vantage Point (2008)

Year One (2009)

You Got Served (2004)

You Got Served: Beat the World (2011)


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Geek Squeaks #2015-12 @ What’s On My PC (Featuring: Apparently We Can Re-Install Windows 10 Without A Product Key — and MORE)

August 14, 2015

Very IMPORTANT Information About The Windows 10 Product Key – Recently I posted information about using third party software to find your Windows 10 product key in the event you would need to reinstall Windows 10.  Well, now I am finding, based on other information, the product key may not be required at all.  Actually, I am pretty confused at this point and don’t have a test environment to play this out (read more below).

Windows 10 Product Key

PCWorld posted an article “Why you can’t find your product key after upgrading to Windows 10” that goes on to tell you that using these party utilities to find the product key will not work; that these utilities only generate or find generic product keys; and that Microsoft has moved away from the product key model and now uses what is called “digital entitlement”. According to PCWorld,

“Once activated, a digital entitlement for your PC’s hardware is created in the Windows 10 activation service. This entitlement can be used by the same PC again for re-activation of the same Edition of Windows 10 in the future.”

Apparently we can re-install Windows 10 on our upgraded PC’s and not worry about product keys. One thing I did notice in the article is that digital entitlement is dependent on your hardware configuration at the time you upgraded to Windows 10. Make significant changes from that original hardware configuration (such as installing a new motherboard) and you will be calling Microsoft for re-activation.

(Android) Microsoft OneNote Update Includes  “Floatie” – Straight from the site:  “Microsoft has recently released a new update for the official OneNote app for Android. The latest update packs a pretty handy feature — the feature, dubbed as “Floatie” is kind of like Facebook Messenger’s chat heads for notes. The feature allows users to pin their notes, which are accessible pretty easily — clicking on the floating OneDrive icon would let them edit notes, and use most of the features of OneDrive without even opening the app” …

One Note Floatie

A Clipboard Manager That Stores Up To 10000 Entries – Happened across a clipboard manager that I never heard of before called Clipboard Master. It is a FREE program where you can copy, paste, collect, organize and store not only text, but images, files and folders as well. It works in all Windows programs. If you are a blogger, editor, or graphic designer a clipboard manager is a must-have tool. I have added Clipboard Master to the Download page under the FREE SOFTWARE swarm…

Clipboard Master

LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light – I am seeing more and more things that are solar powered. If you want to give solar power a try check out this 4 pack of LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Lights for about $10 a per light…

Solar Powered Lights


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Exciting News! S10 Password Vault Now Available On Google Play (as an Android App)

August 12, 2015

You may have noticed on yesterday’s Geek Squeak I posted “A Quick Study On The Anatomy Of A Good Password” that featured the S10 Password Vault. I have tested and tried numerous password managers and in my humble opinion, S10 Password Vault is the best out there. You don’t hear much about it, due the developer himself is very humble.

When I started using S10 and found out how good it was I was hoping that there was an Android version available that I could download to my Android devices (smartphone and tablet). At that time, S10 was not available at the Google Play Store; however, the developer had a downloadable Android version available that required a manual install of an .apk file. I contacted the developer, expressed my gratitude for S10, and encouraged him to get the Android version of the S10 Password Vault onto Google Play Store (where the app would gain more exposure and the install process would be more automated).

Cover art

GREAT NEWS! The developer contacted me today and informed me that S10 is now available on Google Play – CLICK HERE – (and is also available for iPhone/iPad in the App Store). The developer also advised that S10 Password Vault has been upgraded, as well.

I know many people are going with the online password managers; however, my “words of wisdom” is to go with a software version such as S10 where you know your data is much safer and more manageable; and you know for sure where your data is located.

To get you started with S10 Password Vault, visit the main website – CLICK HERE – so that you can see how feature enriched this software is; YET, simplistic.  I have been using it for years and would be totally lost without it. S10 Password Vault can either be installed on your computer or be downloaded as a portable app.

A big THANK YOU to the developer of S10 Password Vault…


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Geek Squeaks #2015-11 @ What’s On My PC (Featuring: A Quick Study On The Anatomy Of A Good Password and MORE)

August 11, 2015

A Quick Study On The Anatomy Of A Good Password – I plucked the information below from my work security notices about passwords and thought it would be good to share with my readers. It pretty much sums it up nicely about the creation and the composition of a good password.

Did you know the longer the password, the harder it is to crack? Consider a 12-character password or longer. Things to avoid: Names, places, dictionary words. Mix it up. Use variations on capitalization, spelling, numbers, and punctuation. Most importantly, don’t save passwords or use “remember me” especially on public computers.  Make sure your computer is secure.  Never give your password out to anyone and don’t post your password in plain sight.

From my experience I have found that people that use computers (and other devices) on the personal level (such as at home) use very weak passwords, never change them and are very liberal on who has access to those passwords. To solve this problem, I highly recommend that you use a password manager such as S10 Password Vault that will help you manage, organize, store and generate your passwords.

S10 Password Vault

Hope You Don’t Miss Out On This Deal At Best Buy ($49.99) – My Passport Ultra 1TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive – Black … Apparently Best Buy is clearing these out (which are the older models — but still a great buy)… If you miss out, and want one of the newer models, then try this link – CLICK HERE

WD - My Passport Ultra 1TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Black - Larger Front

Here’s How To Use A Compass For Better Photography – If you have never visited Backcounty Gallery, then you do not know what you are missing… The site has FREE wallpapers that are to die for if you are a nature lover, featuring photos from the site’s developer (and photographer). If you are wondering, “How does he do that?”; then, read this article, at Backcountry Gallery, “Can A Compass Help You Get Better Photos?‘…

Backcountry Gallery

Have you ever tried going offline for days at a time? I don’t know if I could detach myself from my devices. I am serious, I have never tried it. Found this blog post at the Huffington Post “Why You Need To Go Offline For A Week” where the author explains that “you go completely offline (no internet allowed at all) and off grid (so no phone calls, texts etc.) to have a complete break from technology and communication with anyone you’re not physically with”. I encourage you to read this article to see his end results… I definitely need to go offline, get off the grid and go to hermit land.

Going Offline

Check out this men’s lithium powered mountain bike – This is an example of how battery technology is improving all of the time. This bike (or scooter) is by X-Treme Scooters (Model XB-300Li)… The Lithium Powered Electric Bicycle has a 300-Watt rear brushless hub motor for power operation. The bike has a key start and a variable speed control twist throttle. The bike can be powered exclusively by the motor, can be pedaled and power assisted, or be exclusively pedaled. Mountain bike components that make the bike great for trail and road riding include a seven-speed Shimano Tourney Gears Shifter System, lightweight 100 percent aluminum alloy frame, fully adjustable seat, and a RST Capa T7 hydraulic front fork for maximum shock absorption. The bike is also equipped with strong front and rear brakes, a battery indicator, a headlight, tool kit, and cargo rack.

Battery Powered Bicycle


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Geek Squeaks #2015-10 @ What’s On My PC (Featuring: A Back Door Way To Get The Windows 10 Upgrade Immediately and MORE)

August 10, 2015

How To Get The Windows 10 Upgrade Immediately – There is always a back door way… The Windows Club in their article, “When will I get Windows 10? We’re validating Windows 10 for your PC …” explains about a little known registry edit that will jump start the installation. I do recommend that if you edit the registry to always make a backup of the registry and if you never have edited the registry before, you may want to wait for your Windows 10 upgrade or download (and run) the media creation tool

Windows 10 Upgrade

PC Optimization and Cleaning Tool – Almost everyone out there knows about CCleaner. If you don’t, you are missing out on one of the most trusted cleaners out there. Run CCleaner on a regular basis and I guarantee you that you will notice a difference in the performance of the your computer…


A Take On The Windows 10 Groove Music App – You may have noticed that when you went to play a music (or sound) file in Windows 10 you were greeted with something different (than Windows Media Player), called Groove Music. Personally, I do not think this a bad thing; however, when change occurs, especially in the computer world, people threaten to jump off the local bridge. To keep you from doing just that (jumping off a bridge), make sure you go to the How To Geek and learn “How to Add and Organize Music on Windows 10 Using the Groove Music App“…

Fujikam FI-361 HD, Wifi, Video Monitoring Camera (surveillance and security) – Typically when I see these types of cameras that allow you to monitor your personal property, home, pets, etc… from your Smart Phone, Tablet, or PC, I usually find a mixed bag of comments that drive the customer reviews down. The Fujikam FI-361 is one of those exceptions where the customer reviews has kept this camera at a near 5 star rating and is currently rated as a number one best seller at Amazon. CLICK HERE to learn more!


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Geek Squeaks #2015-9 @ What’s On My PC (Featuring: How To Make A Batch File Shortcut To Open Multiple Web Pages At Once and MORE)

August 8, 2015

How To Make A Batch File Shortcut To Open Multiple Web Pages At Once – Many non-technical personality type folks shy away when they hear terms such as batch file. As a matter of fact it has been awhile since I have heard anyone use the term until I came across The Windows Club article on how to “Create single desktop shortcut to open multiple web pages in Windows“…  The article goes on to tell you how to use notepad in Windows to create a batch file shortcut that will enable you to click on the shortcut (preferably from the desktop level) and launch multiple web sites in your browser in separate tabs. A fast way to get up and running quickly. There are other options to doing the same thing (within today’s modern browsers); but, I found this article interesting due I haven’t heard the use of batch files for awhile. Nice tip (and easy) from The Windows Club…

Batch File To Open Multiple Pages

 Verizon Is Shaking Up On How You Pay For Your Wireless Service – One of the hot topics out there right now is the wireless service providers making changes on how we end up paying for those expensive smartphones in our pockets. T-Mobile pretty much set the stage for all of this and the others are offering competitive plans and options. Verizon is no exception… Yahoo Tech has an article posted announcing that Verizon kills off service contracts, smartphone subsidies … In the end I this may drive the competition of drop the high pricing on these phones.

REMINDER – Use ProduKey To Identify Your Windows 10 Product KeyProduKey (by NirSoft) is a available for FREE (as a full install or portable app). The description at the NirSoft site indicates the software will display the key for Windows (including Windows 7 and Windows Vista). Does not indicate Windows 10; however, I can attest that it will work for Windows 10, as well. The Windows 10 product key is a key you need to keep (very important) in the event you need to re-install Windows 10.


My Favorite CD/DVD Burner And Ripper – If you upgraded to Windows 10 and are looking for an easy to use (lightweight), but professional CD / DVD / Blu-ray burning (and ripping) software, then AnyBurn is the way to go. It is also available as a portable app…


Need A Good Smartphone Case? – I currently carry my smartphone in one of the NiteIze cases… Check some of them out HERE


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Geek Squeaks #2015-8 @ What’s On My PC (Featuring: Bing To Help Protect Public From Fake Online Pharmacies AND MORE)

August 7, 2015

Bing To Warn Customers Of Fake Online Pharmacies – According to bing blogs, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has taken a step forward to help protect the public from purchasing online pharmaceuticals from sites that the FDA has cited as being fake. A warning will appear, if a Bing user clicks on a pharmaceutical site that has been cited by the FDA as a fake online pharmacy engaged in illegal activity, such as offering potentially dangerous, unapproved and misbranded prescription drugs to U.S. consumers…

Warning Pic

What Windows Key Do You Use If You Need To Reinstall Windows 10? – This was one of my first questions following my Windows 10 upgrade and Addictive Tips who has been playing around with this came upon the solution on how to “Find Your Windows 10 Product Key After Upgrading From Windows 7/8“… Some additional steps and easy to use software is required in order to do this. I encourage you to read this article and do this ASAP…

An Online PDF Converter That Does A Whole Lot More – I encourage you to bookmark the FREE Online PDF-Converter that does a whole lot more than just convert files to PDF.  Just about anything you can think of can be accomplished with this online PDF utility, such as merging PDF files, extracting pages, rearranging pages, rotating pages, AND MORE (10 main features in all). I have added Online PDF-Converter to the downloads page under the cloud computing apps swarm.

Online PDF Converter

Extend Your USB 3.0 Port From Your PC or Laptop – The StarTech 5-Feet Desktop SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Extension Cable is one of the best investments I have made. My desktop PC is located under my desk where connecting a flash drive to one of the USB ports is a challenge. This extension cable with desktop stand (designed for next-generation SuperSpeed USB device connections) makes connecting my flash drive (and other devices) an easy task.

Startech USB Extension Cable With Stand


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