Today’s Geek Squeaks – July 30, 2013

A summary of Today’s Geek Squeaks‘: If you are a network administrator you may want to take a look at BgInfo to display system information on the desktop of all of your computers!  Great for home computers too; Lifehacker has an article up about how to use an old router to extend your Wi-Fi network. ... Continue Reading →

GEEK SQUEAKS’ (#56) – Popular Wireless Broadband Router, Powerful System Monitor, Largest List of Security Software, Windows 8 and Students, and Spotify

Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router Linux-based Internet-sharing Router with built-in 4-port Switch and Wireless-G Access Point —————————————————– Download WinPatrol 20.5.2011 WinPatrol continues to be the most powerful system monitor for its small memory footprint. —————————————————– thePC Security World’s Best and Largest List of Free Security Software —————————————————– BDTechie Windows 8, Personal Computing and Students: Time... Continue Reading →

Looking For That Default Router Password

When you purchase a router it is best security practices to change the administrator password to the router. The administrator password is the password that allows you to open the web-based setup, in your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome), so that you can make configuration changes (such as setting up and... Continue Reading →

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