An Overview Of The AnVir Task Manager

I recently featured the AnVir Task Manager here on the blog and can't say enough about its' usefulness. If you are a tech or someone who assists other's with their Windows based computers I highly recommend you download the portable version of this application. To explain everything that this program can do (and monitor) I... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#63)

If you have a passion for computers and information technology, then the place to be is at the sites listed below. Each week What’s On My PC features links to recent postings, called “Geek Squeaks’” that are authored by the members of the What’s On My PC blolgroll. Truly a blessing to be associated with... Continue Reading →

System Explorer – A FREE Task Manager

System Explorer is FREE task manager program that provides detailed information about the operating status of your PC and is an excellent tool to include in your tech toolbox (portable version available). Task Manager programs, such as System Explorer, are applications that typically provide detailed information about the stability of your computer (such as performance... Continue Reading →

A More “Powerful and Free” Windows Task Manager

Everyone has come to know the task manager as the Window's program utility that dynamically monitor’s the status of our computers (i.e. processes, services, performance, memory, networking, users, etc.).  I personally  have used the  task manager to terminate those programs that hang or stop working; or on those occasions when the computer freezes.  I always... Continue Reading →

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