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July 17, 2015

If you are a information technology junkie, as I am, you need to routinely visit the following sites to stay abreast of the constant change in the world of information technology. Each of these resources can be had by clicking on any of the tabs at the top of the What’s On My PC blog. What you will find in this mix is Awesome Tech Sites — Awesome Tech People …

Bookmarks4Techs – This is a conglomeration of links that I personally maintain that are all tech oriented.  I am constantly adding to the listing. This has picked up in popularity and I am now receiving links from site developers asking that their sites be listed.

GEGeek – My opinion! If you are into information technology as a student or work IT for a living, GEGeek is top gun when it comes to resources. What is unique here is that Mike works in IT to make a living; YET, has the capacity, time and passion to share his knowledge. On top of this, he also maintains the GEGeek Tech Toolkit that is the most comprehensive collection of tech tools you will ever come across. No need to search the net for this stuff, Mike has done the hard work for you.  Awesome site — Awesome guy!

Downloads – One of my passions is software, apps, portable apps, browser add-ons, etc… Recently I changed up the Downloads page to create what I am calling swarms of software, apps, etc… that will continue to grow. The focus is quality; not quantity. To make it to a swarm the software has be known, has to be good; and, must demonstrate that it will be around for awhile (through continued development). You can submit recommendations of software that you think should be added to the swarm and I will consider it based on the criteria, as indicated.

Tech News – I was recently on the hunt for a good news resource and went back to my blogging roots. Click on the Tech News tab and you will be redirected to Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts. Bill on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday will post an edition of tech news that he has scoured the internet for. I know Bill and I know he is very devoted to anything that he does. Awesome site — Awesome Guy!

Tech Toys – This is a site that I put together that is a direct link to Amazon. The objective is to give you a resource to search and look around for tech toys (computers, hardware, software, smartphones, tablets, etc…). I often use it to get a baseline pricing on items.

Archives – If you click on the Archives tab this will take you to a page that is every posting I have ever made at What’s On My PC that I want to share with you.

I have been blogging since July 2008.  Like Mike (at GEGeek), Bill (at Tech Thoughts), Steve (at TCAT Shelbyville), and Tech Paul (at Tech-for Everyone); we all have a passion for information technology AND from that passion we enjoy sharing information with the world.

Awesome Tech Sites — Awesome Tech People


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Hitting the Computer Information Technology Motherload With The NEW

March 14, 2013

As many of you know, I maintain a second website called Bookmarks4Techs. As of today I announce that I have moved Bookmarks4Techs to a FREE host (called Weebly) that allows you to use your own domain name for FREE (if you have one). At first I was sort of skeptical of this; however, after using Weebly’s online editor to build the site, I am pretty much sold. Weebly has a large array of templates which to pick from and is an excellent way to establish an online presence.


If you are not familiar with Bookmarks4Techs, I suggest that you bookmark or blogroll it for future reference. Bookmarks4Techs is one of the largest indexes of tech sites on the internet (over 600 links). If you are looking for information regarding software, apps, android, apple, windows, hardware, gadgets, tech news, tech blogs;then you you hit the motherload with …

Throughout the years of maintaining What’s On My PC, I have managed to accumulate (and continue to accumulate) links to numerous tech sites. As a result, I decided to share these links with you through Bookmarks4Techs! I personally use the site to navigate the internet looking for ideas for my next article and to keep myself up-to-date on computer information technology. As an added bonus you will find numerous RSS Feeds to some very popular tech sites.

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