Site Changes At What’s On My PC…

The landscape of information technology is constantly changing and the changes occurring now are more than ever before. I have also noticed that the landscape of blogging about information technology has changed as well, with visitor’s wanting to read less; but,  see more... As a result, I have decided to make some changes that hopefully... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks4Techs – An Ongoing Experiment

If you haven’t visited Bookmarks4Techs lately, then you are missing out on a growing list of tech sites. As of the date of this posting, the site is currently listing 464 bookmarked links to computer and information technology sites across the internet. You can literally spend hours hitting these sites. Also posted are RSS feeds... Continue Reading →

A Windows Registry Tech Tip…

How many users know what the Windows Registry is?  How many users out there use “Registry Cleaners”? A “must read” article at “Tech-for Everyone” Top Tech Tip #2: Leave Registry Cleaners Alone [ click here ] This is one of those articles, very well written, that explains to you about the Windows Registry and how... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks of the Week (#16)

If you are new (or old) to information technology and computers; these (featured) articles on “What’s On My PC…” are for you. The articles are by authors who spend a great deal of their time putting the articles together (for FREE) to keep you and me abreast of the latest in computers, software, security and... Continue Reading →

How to save ink, paper and money…

At $22 per quarter-ounce, a Hewlett-Packard color ink-jet cartridge is more expensive, by weight, than imported Russian caviar. – source: PCWorld - Aug 28, 2003 Inkjet printers have plummeted in cost since 2003; however, the ink cartridges are still more expensive, per quarter ounce, than Russian caviar. Many people have sought out solutions such as... Continue Reading →

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