Learn How To Triple Mouse Click To Select A Block or Line Of Text

April 18, 2017

There are occasions; when working with text, that we need to copy (or cut) blocks of text (or paragraphs). Typically we will hold down the left mouse button and drag (highlight) the text that we desire to copy (or cut) and then paste the text into another application or another location within the document. This method can sometimes be quite clumsy; especially if it is a large block of text.

An easier and faster method of doing this is simply left mouse click (quickly) 3-times anywhere inside the block of text (or paragraph) that you desire to highlight and copy (or cut). Like magic, the block of text will be highlighted… This trick also works if you want to quickly highlight and copy a web address in your browser’s address bar.

You may have to experiment with this; but, I have found that tip works in just about any application where text is involved (such as your web browser, word processor (such as MS-Word), etc…) and is a good tip to train yourself to use.

BONUS TIP:  Need to copy just a word?  Simply double click anywhere on the word and it will be automatically hightlighted.


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Geek Squeak: An Easy To Follow Tutorial On Creating Windows Shortcuts To Shutdown, Restart, Log Off or Suspend Your Computer

February 5, 2014

If you are new to Windows 8 (or 8.1) I am sure at some point you began searching for the shutdown or restart button and had a dickens of a time locating it. Even after you do locate it, you are thinking this is not very convenient. Well… There is a solution and the solution showed up in my Twitter feed this morning from The Windows Club.

They have put together and easy to follow tutorial that will walk you through the process of creating shortcuts for various power option menus in Windows – shortcut to shut down, restart, log off and suspend your Windows computers easily….  CHECK IT OUT HERE

For example, using the tip they provided I created a shortcut to shut down my Windows 8 PC and then pinned the shortcut to my taskbar (which makes it real convenient).


A Windows Registry Tech Tip…

August 19, 2009

How many users know what the Windows Registry is?  How many users out there use “Registry Cleaners”?


A “must read” article at “Tech-for Everyone”

Top Tech Tip #2: Leave Registry Cleaners Alone
[ click here ]

This is one of those articles, very well written, that explains to you about the Windows Registry and how you can be baited into using Registry Cleaners, that could cause you more problems that it is worth.  The few minutes to read this article, will educate you enough to avoid problems in the future.


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Tech-for Everyone Tip on “How to Change Window Size”

August 8, 2009

Today when I was browsing one of my favorite sites, Tech-for Everyone, I noticed that Tech Paul had posted an article on:

“How to Change Window Size” .


You are probably thinking, everyone knows how to do that…  Wrong!  This is why Tech-for Everyone is one of my favorite sites.  See, Tech Paul is alot like me and tries to look at things through the eyes of the everyday computer user.  Believe me, I have assisted numerous people and tips such as “How to Change Window Size” is a big help to the majority. As a matter of fact, I have found that the best computer techs are the ones that want people to learn and do not overtalk or use terms people cannot understand.  Now, get over there to his site and find out “How to Change Window Size”.


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