WSCC (Windows System Control Center) Portable FREE Download

March 17, 2017

This is the portable version of WSCC at Download Crew… WSCC is a great way to quickly access the tools at NirSoft and Sysinternals; as well as various Windows Tools. To learn more, click on the source link below.

Source: WSCC (Windows System Control Center) Portable

Portable Windows Security And Vulnerability Scanner

July 14, 2016

Quick post on a tool that is not only a security and vulnerability tool, but could also be used as a forensic and IT audit tool. It is called lastAudit. Take a look at it and let us know what you think. This is an audit tool that I haven’t seen before…



  • Free
  • Portable executable
  • Detects and lists: wrong security configuration, vulnerabilities, weak permissions, saved passwords, browser history and cookies, Outlook address book entries
  • Reveals sensitive information from: documents, source files, credential files, email files
  •  Performs WiFI audit: host localization, hotspot history, lists open hotspots
  • Performs LAN port scanning
  • Lists network resources, shares and files
  • Lists Active Directory OUs, users, servers, shares and services
  • Generates HTML reports

An Instant Data and System Recovery Kit

April 26, 2011

If you have been a long term computer user I am sure somewhere along the line you may have experienced a failure of sorts; whether it be from operating system errors, a mistake you made, a malware attack or from good old file corruption. I have always said that computers were made to fail; and, fail they eventually will.

I know, I know; I hear it all of the time, “I have nothing important on my PC and I am not worried about losing any important files!”. Well, let me tell you, when disaster does hit don’t be surprised that a shockwave overcomes you. Those family pictures, tax forms, your music collection, emails, software you paid for,  etc… that you thought were not important, all of the sudden become very important. I cannot stress enough how important it is to backup your personal files.

However, In the event you run into a desperation issue where your PC will not boot, and you need a way to recover file data, an option to look at is Paragon’s Rescue Kit.

Paragon Rescue Kit

The catch here is that you have to create (or burn) the rescue kit onto a CD or DVD before disaster hits. Don’t worry, it is easy to do and you will be walked through the entire process of creating the rescue kit CD/DVD after you download and run the rescue disk file.

Creating the rescue kit CD/DVD is basically a 3-Step process:

1 – The first prompt you will see is the “Unpack and Burn Wizard”, so it is important that you have a writeable CD or DVD in the drive.

2 – The second prompt is the Registration Key screen. You will be required to click on a link that will take you to the Paragon web site to complete a registration form (very easy). You will then receive, via email, the registration keys. I received my key within seconds of completing the registration.

3 – The third prompt will give you the option to burn the rescue kit image to CD/DVD or to save the rescue kit file to your computer. Here you want to burn the image to the CD/DVD.

If you followed the above steps and created the rescue CD or DVD, you now have a tool that you will use to boot up your computer in the event disaster hits. Now that you have created the Paragon Rescue Kit, what is it able to “rescue”?

Easily Fix Boot Problems

Boot Corrector option resolves various problems you may encounter during the system boot process. These problems may be caused by program errors, user mistakes, or become the results of boot virus activity. Boot Corrector allows you to cure the majority of boot problems for Windows Operating System and gives you access to your data!

Rescue Your Data

In case of a system malfunction, caused either by a virus attack or file corruption, you can retrieve valuable information from your disks and copy it to another local drive, partition or save the data to CD/DVD. The File Transfer Wizard helps you to export data as easy and convenient as possible.

Undelete Partition

When simply deleting a partition (without additional wiping) disk management software only removes the references to it in the Partition Table, thus leaving the possibility to recover it later. The Undelete Partitions Wizard enables you to find and recover these partitions. A restored partition will be fully functional, as long as other partitions were not created, moved or exceeded the disk space.

Don’t wait for disaster to hit. The Paragon’s Rescue Kit is definitely a tool to keep around in the event all else has failed.

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Tech-for Everyone: WinPatrol Plus License Giveaway

June 15, 2010

I do not know how TechPaul, at Tech-for Everyone, is doing this… Giveaway after giveaway… This week you need to visit his site for a chance to win a WinPatrol Plus License Giveaway. Simply click [ HERE ] to preview the article about WinPatrol Plus; then, leave a comment to say hello to TechPaul and that you are interested in entering the contest. The contest ends June 18th at midnight.

Folks, WinPatrol is awesome software that helps protect you from the nasties on the internet that can hit your PC at the machine level. The WinPatrol dog, Scotty, will bark to alert you when there is a potential intrusion. I have been using this software for years and I highly, highly recommend it. You can read more about WinPatrol [ HERE ] .


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