Worm Bounty set by Microsoft ($250,000)

Remember the Conficker worm that you recently read about here on “What’s on my PC…” [ click here ] ?  In summary, Microsoft is going on the offensive by offering a quarter of a million dollars to track down the author(s) of the Conficker worm (aka: downadup, Kido). Conficker exploits a Windows vulnerability; patched by... Continue Reading →

Taking A Byte Out of Malware

When I mention the term “malware” around my friends and family, I get some really strange looks. Most people are not absorbed into the tech side of protecting their PC’s and really do not care what the name of the current disease is. It is an attitude and approach similar to the government; “wait til... Continue Reading →

Rogue Security Apps… BEWARE!

Perfect Defender 2009 - Beware!  Rogue Security Application... clipped from billmullins.wordpress.com Add Perfect Defender 2009 to the massive number of rogue security applications currently circulating on the Internet, seeking out unaware users in order to steal their money. Like all rogue security applications, Perfect Defender 2009 is a master at using Trojans, and fake advertising,... Continue Reading →

Our keys are not even safe…

You will often see articles on the blog, or references to other sites, about software vulnerabilities, internet security issues, information and privacy concerns; BUT I never dreamed I would be writing about your keys and how vulnerable they could be, if left out in open view.  Yes, I am referring to your house keys, car... Continue Reading →

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