An Ad Free Weather Service

There are a lot of really cool (and dependable) weather services out there, but what upsets my apple cart is that when I go to those sites they are driven by advertisements to the point that the only storm I see is the outpouring of the ads. With a winter storm bearing down on my... Continue Reading →

WeatherBar for Windows 7

So many different ways to track the weather on the internet these days. I came across a simplistic app, called WeatherBar, that integrates with the Windows 7 taskbar to show the weather at a specific location. Just download, unzip to a folder of your choice, and run the WeatherBar executable. Windows 7 and an internet... Continue Reading →

A FREE Full Screen Interactive Weather Map

Here in the United States the weather this winter has been anything but normal. As a result, tracking weather conditions has moved up on the priority list in our daily routines To assist us with tracking the weather, Weather Underground has recently developed a new cloud app (with touch screen technology in mind) called Continue Reading →

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