Lifewire | A Slacker Radio Review

Looking to relax this weekend? If so, give Slacker Radio a try. Full review at source link reflected below... Slacker Radio is an online music service that you can use to listen to hundreds of compiled radio stations, or even create your own customized ones. With support for social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,... Continue Reading →

FREE – Instant Access Weather App

Anyone who visits the blog knows that I love clocks and weather apps. Today I bring to you a web app that gets right to the point with the weather.  It is called Sunlikely . Sunlikely, offers a very easy to use and very attractive interface, that provides you with the current temperature, doppler radar,... Continue Reading →

An Awesome Web-Based Sticky Notes Service

Years ago when I first experienced electronic sticky notes, I thought WOW…  No more paper notes hanging around my computer monitor.  Most electronic sticky note programs require a software installation to work; until now!  As a result of cloud computing, a web-based virtual sticky notes program, called Linoit, was born. After setting up an account... Continue Reading →

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