Windows Repair Toolbox (freeware) – Helps you repair a Windows system, by making the process faster, easier and uniform…

When you diagnose or repair a computer problem there are specific software tools that are readily available to help resolve those specific issues. Most techs will carry with them software tools on a stick (flash drive) to test, diagnose, fix, resolve malware issues, recover data, etc... You have to be knowledgeable of what software tools... Continue Reading → – Windows Repair

Often during a malware infection, the default settings on your computer can be altered to the point that your computer will not operate properly (even after it has been cleaned from an infection). A program to keep in mind, if this were to occur, is the - Windows Repair tool. This tool is designed... Continue Reading →

A 5 Stars Windows Repair Utility

First statement I need to make here is that the - Windows Repair utility, featured in this article, is for those who are computer techs and the geeks in the family. Second statement I need to make is that I cannot say enough about how good this utility is. - Windows Repair has... Continue Reading →

Geek Squeaks’ for July 19, 2013

Today’s roundup of Geek Squeaks’ are: Get a daily dose of news from around the net at Tech Thoughts; An “All In One” Windows repair utility that is geared for the tech in you; Check out Gizmo’s “Finds of the Week”, you will not regret it; Microsoft has launched a redesigned Malware Protection Center; AND,... Continue Reading →

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