Yahoo Account Owners – CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD

December 14, 2016

If you have an account with Yahoo, you need to change your password NOW. Reportedly a 1 Billion account breach has occurred. Better yet, based on past security issues with Yahoo, you may want to consider other options.

Source: It’s new and it’s bad: Yahoo discloses 1B account breach

HOT TECH NEWS – Yahoo’s New On Demand Password Protection Process

March 16, 2015

Hmmm…  I currently use 2-step password verification with my Google and Microsoft Live accounts. I like the idea it is a more secure process of locking down my accounts from intruders; however, the downside of this is you need to have this set up with your smartphone in order for the verification process to work. For example, if I log into my Gmail account from another computer, I have an app on my phone that will generate a code that I must further insert in order to access my account. It really is a more secure process, works for me knowing my account is more secure, but in reality most people out there will not want to go through these extra steps and/or do not understand the concept.

Yahoo has taken the 2-step verification and has broken it down to a 1-step verification where anytime you log into your account, a 4-digit code will be sent to you that will get you in.  Will this be accepted?  Only time will tell…

Want to read more about this, click on the graphic below…

Yahoo On Demand Passwords


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HOT TECH NEWS – Google Gearing Up To Handle All Your Email Accounts With Gmail

October 20, 2014

This is something I know will excite many people. Google is gearing up to handle all of your email accounts with Gmail (for Android). From what I am reading you will be able to setup Gmail (when the new version is released) to pull in mail from other external accounts you may have (such as Outlook and Yahoo).

New Gmail

…the new Gmail will be able to handle email accounts from other providers like Yahoo or Outlook, switching between them with either a simple swipe or by touching the account drop down. Here’s the new onboarding video Gmail will show for returning users upgrading to the new version. Source: Android Police

Enhance Your Online Search Experience with Yahoo Axis

June 5, 2012

Yahoo, in an effort to to get us out of the archaic method for which we perform searches and to improve its’ position in the world of search engines, recently developed and released a very cool iOS app and browser plugin called Yahoo! Axis.

Yahoo! Axis, at this point, is available as a browser plugin (for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari) and as an iPad/iPhone app (with an app for Android on the radar).

As with any search engine, you start out with a search box. In my case, after installing the plugin for Google Chrome, the search box is located at the bottom left corner of the browser window.

What is cool about Yahoo! Axis is that, as you type in what you are looking for, a filmstrip-like view across the bottom of the browser window instantly appears revealing your search results as thumbnails. Using the wheel on your mouse, you can easily scroll through the thumbnail results and click on the page you desire to visit.  The thumbnails are very easy to see.

For example, I typed into the Yahoo! Axis search engine box, weather and my zip code.  I was instantly provided visual thumbnails of the weather and many other weather related options.


In addition, you can save pages as favorites to read later. If you have a Yahoo account, you can sync your search results and favorites across all of your devices. For example, if you started a search on your iPad, the next time you open Yahoo! Axis on your computer desktop, you’ll see a “Continue from iPad” choice; plus, the favorites you have archived are also available.


Yahoo! Axis offers a faster, smarter search with instant answers and visual search previews.



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Perform A Search Times Two With Goog-A-WHO?

October 24, 2010

If you are someone that is a search engine junkie and knows how to use the top search engines to get results, then you are going to like “Goog-A-WHO?” .


“Goog-A-WHO?” is a web based search tool (not a search engine) that allows you to enter your query (or search term) one time, just like a search engine; however, once you click the button to “double your search” the end result is phenomenal. Your search results are presented instantly from Google and another search engine at random, side-by-side (in a dual pane interface). If you are like me, and have a widescreen monitor, this type of dual pane interface really takes advantage of my widescreen monitor by using the entire space of the monitor to present me with more information.

For example, to see “Goog-A-Who?” in action, with a search for, What’s On My PC, click [ HERE ] .

Googawho does its best to provide you with the fastest way to compare ALL of the internet’s top search engines with just one search on just one page!

Goog-A-WHO? does not stop there. Once your search results are up, you can now manipulate your search results by viewing results from eight other top search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, InfoSpace, AltaVista, Lycos, and Dogpile). Now how cool is that! Plus, you can go full screen with any of the search engines by clicking on the small “load engine full screen” button.

Screenshot - Goog-A-Who

“Goog-A-WHO?” also takes advantage of the tabbed browser interface with a button called a “Tabulizer”.  Click on the Tabulizer and your search results will be opened by all eight search engines in their own separate tabs.

My opinion, this web based search tool, “Goog-A-WHO?”,  is a keeper and a must for anyone who is a search engine junkie.


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Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#40)

December 9, 2009

If you have an obsession for information technology and computers, then you need to follow these blogs.  Listed is this weeks Geek Squeaks’; a sampling of articles (from the past 7 days) from the bloggers that are on the What’s On My PC blogroll. Talk about a great community of bloggers; none like it around!

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How and Why Twitter is Addictive

Evil Fantasy’s Blog
The Ultimate Geek TaskForce!

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Infected by Scareware? Get Your Wallet Out!

IEHistoryView : Track websites
recently visited in Internet Explorer

Carputers News and Computer Tips
IBM Lotus Symphony goes portable…

TTC Shelbyville
Duplicate Your Hard Drive

The Abbey Rose
Security Applications

I Love Free Software
Sweet Little Piano: Play Piano on your Computer

Remotely Control Your Phone from Computer

Worthy Tips
Download 30+ Free MP3 From Amazon in This Christmas

Import Contacts to Yahoo! Mail from Google Account

Freeware Elite
Symbols, Accents, Weird punctuation –
Do you know how to type them?

Canadian Tech Blogger
Google DNS vs OpenDNS

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Talking about the new Bing Bar

TuneUp Blog
Disabling Dr. Watson: Does It Really Improve Performance?

Carol’s Vault
5 websites to find your perfect Christmas recipes

Free PC Security
K9 Web Protection Free

Is It Disk or Disc?

Tech-for Everyone
How To Remove FinallyFast (PC SpeedScan Pro, Performance Center, Active Speed, etc.)

Sugarloaf Tech
Trouble upgrading to AVG 9.0 Free Edition – minimalistic wallpapers collection

Chrome Extensions Gallery Officially Opens [Chrome Extensions]

Crazy World of G
Free Rip

Computer Too Slow
How to Diagnose Keyboard Problems

thePC Security
Free MP3 Manager Software Download | Music File Management

What’s On My PC
Trusting the IT Guy


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Search the Internet better with fefoo…

August 25, 2009

Fefoo is a search application that changes the way we use search engines. Fefoo is an application that is engineered to work with multiple search engines to make your searches more effective and better. FeFoo is designed to search by categories; thus, making your search more refined from the time you start searching. As a result you spend less time searching.  Loading fefoo is very, very fast. The first time you use fefoo it is cached (saved) automatically to your disk thus making subsequent load times in the milliseconds. Another neat thing about fefoo is that you can add and remove categories.


How does fefoo work?

The first time you visit fefoo, it gets cached on your browser. After that everytime you search its done on your computer. That is one reason why it feels so fast. There are no roundtrips back to the server every time you search. The search is as fast as the search engine that you are using. fefoo works transparently without adding any overhead while searching.

How to add fefoo as a search provider?

When you are on the fefoo homepage you will see add to browser button on the top right hand corner. If you don’t see the button, currently there is no known way to add search to your browser. (If you know a way to add it please do leave a feedback). In any case you can always bookmark fefoo. You can also set it as your homepage. Since it runs from the cache its almost as fast as setting the homepage toabout:blank

After you perform a search with fefoo, a search bar will appear at the top of the browser to assist with further searching.  This search bar is not permanent and only appears when you perform a search.


The more I use fefoo the more I am liking it.  Definitely a keeper on my PC.


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bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine

May 30, 2009

Keep your eye out for “bing”. Bing is Microsoft’s NEW search engine that will replace Microsoft’s Live Search. Reportedly this strategy will help bring Microsoft in line with their main competitors (Yahoo and Google). Reports from Microsoft indicate that bing will be able to dig deeper and provide more relevant search results; PLUS, your search results will be presented dynamically in search categories, which is a different approach than what we are accustomed to. According to Microsoft, bing will be going live on June 3rd and will be phased in over the course of several days.  The official bing website is,

To find out more about bing, and to watch a video demo of bing in action, click the “Find Out More” button below.

Bing & decide. Coming soon. Find out more...



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Prism – Bringing Cloud Apps To Your Desktop

May 9, 2009

I recently posted an article which provided (3)-three options available, geared toward cloud apps, that will allow you to split web applications out of the browser. The article “Turn your cloud apps into desktop apps with SSB” explored the emerging technology of site specific browsers which allows you take an online site (or cloud app) and convert it into a desktop application. The advantage to this is that when the cloud app is launched, it will open into a full screen window minus all of the distractions of a typical browser and will run in its’ own separate process. One of the options that I presented was called “Prism” by Mozilla Labs (the Firefox people).


Work is now starting to progress with Prism, after what I saw was very little activity. First sign of activity was the Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop [click here] (which is Prism based); the second sign of activity is an actual Prism web site  [click here] ; and the third sign of activity is the beta release of Prism (V1.0 b1) [click here] .

There are numerous web based apps being developed daily, and what we are seeing is next generation computing.  I have been using Prism for approximately 3 months to launch my favorite cloud apps in their own separate processes or applications. Prism can be run either as a Firefox extension or you can download the Prism software. I preferred the actual Prism software download so that I could see how Prism performed at the PC level. If you are someone who is into cloud computing, you definitely need to give Prism a try.

How does Prism Work?

What you are seeing below is the “Prism” software application which is very easy to use. Enter the desired URL of your cloud app (or web site), give it a name, check “off” the location where you want Prism create the shortcut (e.g. Desktop, Start Menu, Quick Launch Bar), click “OK” and you are done…  Prism does all of the work for you and even extracts an icon from the cloud app site to identify the cloud app shortcut.  If you want to get rid of the cloud app that Prism installed, you simply delete the shortcut.


How To Video


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Zimbra Desktop – A next generation cloud app by Yahoo!

May 7, 2009

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop…

Zimbra Desktop

When I first came across this cloud app by Yahoo! I nearly passed over it. This application is an open source email (PIM) client, that is relatively young (Version 1.0), built using Mozilla’s Prism. Prism is an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly from the desktop. In summary, Zimbra Desktop uses Prism as the container to give you that desktop application feel.

Now, I hope I haven’t lost you with all of this mumbo jumbo. Please stick with me, due I think that Yahoo! may be onto something with this cloud based application.

Zimbra Desktop is a full featured PIM (personal information manager) very similar to Microsoft Outlook that is next generation. This  application, in summary, features  full email, contact, calendar, document management and offline access features for free! The outstanding feature is the ability to pull down (sync) your email, calendars, etc.. with your POP3, IMAP and other popular webmail services.

Zimbra Screenshots


My take on Zimbra Desktop is that I will be testing and following its’ development. The GUI (graphical user interface) is very nicely done and is a good bet it will have good following.

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop is free for anyone to download and use. It works on Windows, Apple and Linux computers.

If you have questions or want help please start with their End User Guide or visit the Desktop Support page.



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Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#4)

April 1, 2009

Geek Squeaks'

How to Install a Program that is an ISO – TTC Shelbyville

PSI to the Rescue – Tech-for Everyone

Disable Avira Notifier – Tech Thoughts

Bursting Security Bubble –

Malwarebytes – Anti Malware Software – Piyada’s World

Harmless Geek Pranks for a Little April Fooling – LifeHacker

Paragon Drive Backup – Free Program – Free PC Security

McAfee Stinger Conficker Edition – Evilfantasy’s Blog

Spyware Terminator v2.5 – Crazy World of G

My Dream Blackberry: Storm With Trackball – Confessions of a Freeware Junkie – Facebook face recognition app – Carol’s Vault

Conficker Tips from – AskBillFirst

“1 of Friends Awaiting Your Response” Email – 411

Microsoft Buys Yahoo! – TechJaws

How to use a Blackberry Smartphone with a cheap “Pay As You Go” mobile phone plan… – What’s On My PC…

Geek Squeaks are random “hot” topic links (called “squeaks”) from various credible sources (called “geeks”) and may appear on the blog at any time.  Many of the topics are creations from fellow bloggers or software authors who have actively participated (e.g. link exchanges, comments, etc…) with “What’s On My PC…”.  If you are interested in a link exchange please leave a comment below.


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Continues to get better… Pop Peeper v3.4 Released

January 26, 2009

POP Peeper is one program on my PC that continues to get better. POP Peeper alerts me when I have mail in my various (numerous) email accounts; AND it allows me to preview my POP3 and my web based email without having to open my email client or having to visit the providers web sites (i.e. Hotmail, Live Mail, GMail, Yahoo, and many more).  Awesome little app that can also be configured to run from our portable flash drive.  You can click on any of the links below to visit and learn more about Pop Peeper.  You can also preview a previous article that I posted that gives an indepth review of Pop Peeper [CLICK HERE].

clipped from

POP Peeper Email Notifier

POP Peeper is an email notifier that runs in your Windows task bar and alerts you when you have new email on your POP3, IMAP (with IDLE support), Hotmail\MSN\LiveMail, Yahoo, GMail,, MyWay, Excite, iWon,, RediffMail, Juno and NetZero accounts. IMAP supports allows you to access AOL, AIM, Netscape and other services. Send mail directly from POP Peeper and use the address book to email your frequently used contacts. POP Peeper allows you to view messages using HTML or you can choose to safely view all messages in rich or plain text. Several options are available that will decrease or eliminate the risks of reading your email (viruses, javascript, webbugs, etc). POP Peeper can be run from a portable device and can be password protected. Many notification options are availble to indicate when new mail has arrived, such as sound alerts (configurable for each account), flashing scroll lock, skinnable popup notifier, customized screensaver and more.

Primary Features

Easy Setup – accounts are imported from your existing email client(s)

Supports POP3, IMAP (including GMail, AOL, AIM, Netscape, FastMail, etc), SMTP, GMail, Hotmail\MSN\LiveMail, Yahoo,, MyWay, Excite, iWon,, RediffMail, Juno, NetZero

IDLE is supported for IMAP accounts which allows instant notification when new mail arrives in your inbox

Read, delete, print and reply to Email without opening your email client

Send email directly from POP Peeper

HTML email support

Password protection

Address book

Options to protect you from messages that contain viruses and web bugs

Send, save and open file attachments

Run POP Peeper off your portable storage device

No account limit — notifies you of an unlimited number of accounts

Many ways to receive new mail notification: skinnable desktop alerts, audio, flashing scroll lock LED and more

Specify how often all accounts are checked for new mail or set individual intervals for each account

Extensive help with useful tips and information

Email Notification Options

Sound notifications: single sound for any new mail, or a customized sound for each account

Tray icon notification that display the color and number of new messages for each account

Flashing scroll lock LED

Windows popup alert indicating which account(s) received new email

Automatically open POP Peeper or launch your email client when new email is received

Skinnable popup (optional download)

ScreenSaver (optional download)

Chime can repeat a sound until acknowledged and\or launch another program when new mail arrives (optional download)

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